“The crowd has taken on a more violent approach towards me."
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> And a man with a Trump flag who didn’t want to give his name said he wanted to see Harnsberger beaten up. “We love wrestling, first of all,” he said as to why he was there. “But to come and show the liberal like, hey, we know what we stand for. Yeah, and definitely not the left side.”

So, basically this scene from The Simpsons, except members of the real audience are less sophisticated in terms of their understanding of drama than the fictional audience on the tv show?
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A lady pulled out a lighter, tried to light my trunks on fire while they are on me.

Careful! That man is made of straw.
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Who could have possibly predicted this outcome
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Surely not any republican leaders who are shocked and appalled at any violence happening in their war on the libs
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The guy: "Well, I've got a Biden collage shirt, and one of Kamala Harris. The Biden one triggers more people than anything, 'cause I don't think half these people even know who Kamala Harris is."

His mentor: "It's a small mountain town, poor county, poor community, no hope. He represents to them everything that's put them in that position."

A guy who wrestles as 'White Trash Millionaire': "I don't see how things could get any worse. But with Trump, we would find out."
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“We’re complete opposites,” James said. “I’m a gun-owning, tobacco-chewing, Bible-believing mountain person; Dan is not. But Dan and I can get along.

I wonder if people like James ever reflect on the fact that it's his people doing this crazy violent shit, and not the other guy's.

I suppose he might counter that if BLM can burn every major metro area in America to ash, a pair of Biden trunks is nothing to panic about, but... well, that BLM shit is just made-up fantasy nonsense. You'd think, given his line of work, he'd be able to spot it.
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I mean, American right-wing political discourse feels like a kind of kayfabe anyway.
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The Two Minutes Hate, but charge admission.
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Who could have possibly predicted this outcome

I think Umberto "Four Eyes" Eco stormed the ring, once, grabbed the mic, and gave a lecture on this very subject to a confused crowd of fascists.
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I mean, American right-wing political discourse feels like a kind of kayfabe anyway.

I've thought the same thing for a while now. There's a strong element of "This terrible thing is OK because I'm in on the joke!" to the conservative mind-bubble. Sure, Trump is obviously a huge piece of shit—anybody can see that—but pretending that he's not is part of a fun game whose end goals are (a) expressing solidarity with other members of the conservatribe, and (b) pissing off liberals. "Ha-ha, you thought wrestling/politics was real? How dumb are you?"
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“Politics is the entertainment division of the military industrial complex.”

― Frank Zappa
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(Southern States Wrestling on YouTube (recent Progressive Liberal promo), Twitter, Facebook)
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When some in the audience told their neighbors to let Harnsberger speak, it boiled over. Punches were thrown. Someone was hit with a chair.
I went to a wrestling match and a fight broke out!
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I went to a wrestling match and a fight civil war broke out!
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"Now oxymorons are all the rage. They're often found in the press, and I've heard politicians talk about them on television. Either everyone's been reading treatises on rhetoric or there's something oxymoronic going around. It could be argued that this is not symptomatic of anything."

-Umberto Eco, conciliatory oxymorons
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I suppose it would make me elitist to suggest that both the "Progressive Liberal"''s schtick and the crowd's reaction to it are stupid?
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Gentlemen! You can't fight in here! This is the wrestling arena!
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Judging from the previously, he's been around since 2017 at least. The Appalachian Mountain Wrestling channel from the original post has 1500 subscribers, the Southern States Wrestling channel linked above has 500, and most of the videos fall far short of that on views. If you watch the Vice report, he's playing in maybe half-full school gyms. This is just some random guy trying to drum up views and completely failing.

On the other hand, this makes me wonder why Trump doesn't feature wrestling as part of his rallies. The set change would be tough, but it would really get the crowd fired up. This guy probably wouldn't cost a lot to hire either.
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I think there's some media criticism about this story that I'm not really qualified to do, but I hope someone is.

In 2017, this was like a Deadspin/Vice level of newsworthiness. If that (not everyone agreed at the time).

Now, in 2022, he's got the same schtick, approximately the same level of notoriety, and he's on CNN? Is this Elle Reeve moving up in the world, or Chris Licht floating a version of the story where someone visits a diner in Trump country, or is there something more there?
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Hard to believe I grew up watching The Iron Sheik in the early 80s — just a few years after an international crisis with a genuinely hostile antagonist that dominated media headlines for over a year — and yet for all the insanity I remember of that time there was nothing like this.

It really seems like a case of “no adults in the room” — when the hostage crisis ended I was 7 years old and for school we were asked to draw something to commemorate the event. Taking my cues from what I saw in the (very right wing) community around me I drew a map of the US punching a map of Iran.

And my teachers were so horrified that they called my parents.

Somehow I suspect that wouldn’t happen today.
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I'd say it points to how far CNN has fallen.
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