That Summer Feeling
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To commemorate the first day of sleet where I live here's Jonathan Richman to remind you of all the summer days gone by.

Live performance with talk show commentary following. He was promoting the record Jonathan Sings! (1983), although I've no idea what talk show it was. I'm also partial to the recorded version from I, Jonathan (1992)
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Is he saying that "That Summer Feeling" shall haunt you down at the Community Center? When you're rocking in those chairs?
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No, I'm pretty, sure it's at the government center, though it's not gonna make the secretaries feel better.
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Oh yeah, right. My memory has been so spotty recently, i should have verified that one.
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Bonus Jello & Cale at the end!
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still warm here
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see also -- some live links still towards the top...
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If anyone can direct me to a version of "Cold Pizza" I would be most grateful. When he played on campus by me a month or so ago it was everyone's JAM, the kids went nuts.
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I once had TSF on the A-side of an EP, which I only bought to get "The Tag Game" on the B. You can now hear it more easily at link. -- maybe it doesn't have the word "summer" in the title, but it sure captures the feeling.

"Ready are we recording!"
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The Jamies - Summertime, Summertime
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Also, speaking of summer...
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