A website which features positive/inspiring news stories with no ads!
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Happy Daze is a news website which helps you stay informed on all the good things happening in this great big world of ours. The big news networks predominantly feature negative news because the only thing they are after is more clicks and eyeballs (so that they can generate more advertisement revenue), and the unfortunate fact is that sad, tragic, and negative news just generate more attention. Happy Daze is run by a small team with no outside funding. We are not owned by a billionaire or a VC firm so we can publish news that we think is important with no ads. We strive to be different and non-divisive by showing people that there are plenty of positive stories and things happening which can help make one feel better about the world and humanity in general. via Reddit
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This looks great!

It seems a little specifically sciency - one thing I like about things like Future Crunch and Reasons to be Cheerful is that they have stories about communities, politics, innovative organizations (gay marriage in Cuba, why parody matters, a food bank with better-than-store-bought produce). Good science news is always a joy but it's nice to know there are so many facets of the world with good news to offer.

But Happy Daze has some terrific stories I haven't seen elsewhere, and more good news is always good news!

I'm adding this to my reading list. Thank you so much for posting it, dancestoblue!
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This looks like a great alternative to https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/ which I draw from when a certain young relative of mine asks what’s in the news today. Nice to be able to tell him something that isn’t awful.
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Oh, neat, I liked their article about this adorable New Species of Deep Sea Fish. Thanks!
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All positive stuff is science and medicine. I need something else like the broad awakening of the collective consciousness
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God we need this.
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This brings back some memories -- in the early 2000s I ran an independent web shop, and was hired by a young scion from a famous Atlanta family (rhymes with Stank) who was fresh out of law school and starting his own investment firm. He wanted to develop a "good news only" website in Joomla. I don't think the URL was goodnews.com, but it was something close.

After many months of development and a roughly $80K contract, the site was ready to launch.

This was a year or two after 9/11 and they were convinced that the world needed some good news, and wanted to combat the negative "if it bleeds it leads" typical of the normal news cycle. On the day of launch, they placed a $250K ad buy across the internet (banner ads on CNN, Wired, the works) and set a "success threshold" based on click-through rates.

The launch failed miserably based on their metrics, and within 48 hours they had me pull the plug and shut down the server. The truth is there is lots of good/significant "news" in the NYT and lots of other places if you just look around for it, and I'm not convinced the market was there in 2004 for a dedicated "goodnews.com" and it is probably not there now twenty years later.

p.s. throughout the contract this client gave no indication of their nefarious plan -- I put my heart and soul into its development, set up a server infrastructure prepared to handle the expected influx of traffic, etc. After 48 hours I received a short email that said "We didn't hit our click rate, please shut down the servers" and that was the last I ever heard from them.
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