Things just couldn't be the same
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"Check out this guy playing the solo from 'Free Bird.'"
"Lots of guitarists can play that."
"Yeah, but this guy, he...he plays the harmonica."
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That. Is. In. Fucking. Credible.


Thanks for sharing. Absolutely AWESOME.
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🤘 FREEBIR--oh wait
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That is all.
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Gorgik, that is precisely what I was going to comment.
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I loved this, but then I followed a link in the suggested videos and found this highschool band playing a symphonic version of Freebird and a teenager absolutely demolishing the solo on electric violin. Just... demolishing it.

Rebecca's Freebird Solo
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Anyone who likes this needs to check out Howard Levy. He does things on harmonica that are seemingly impossible. For Example
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I love the big curtain reveal and smoke effects just before Rebecca starts her solo. They knew exactly what they had here and how to make the most of it.
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Heh, Free Bird was my graduating class of 1987's theme song. Which probably tells you a lot about my high school.

Nice Post!
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Rebecca! Holy shit!
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Also, it turns out that the harmonica is much, much sexier instrument than the guitar.
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Jesus H. Christ.
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Wow. Just wow. Amazing he can breathe through that without giving himself an aneurysm.

But holy crap, Rebecca.
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I'm a very amateur harmonica player and this is beyond incredible. He's using a special harmonica tuning that he developed to allow him access to a few notes that aren't available on a standard diatonic.

I watch a lot of harmonica videos on youtube and Will Wilde stands out as an incredibly precise player, even when walking through an all-time classic James Cotton performance, which seems much simpler but which requires stellar technique and musicianship. This Free Bird solo may sort of sound like Blues Travelers' John Popper's fast playing, but it's much more impressive than just quickly playing a bunch of notes together; Wilde is very precisely making large jumps around the comb at lightning speed rather than Popper's sliding around between close together holes.

One thing that makes the harmonica so difficult to appreciate (and learn how to play properly) is that almost none of the technique is visible to an outside observer. There's a ton of stuff one must do with mouth shape, tongue (here's a demonstration of tongue blocking with a training device), lips, and breathing, to achieve certain notes or rhythms or warbles. Here's an xray video of someone doing a bunch of different harmonica techniques, including a 3 draw bend. To most people it's a child's toy or just Dylan blowing in and out of a mess of holes (not to knock Dylan's music; it's perfect harmonica playing for his songs). But when you start going down the rabbit hole, it's amazing how difficult the instrument is to master; even just reliably playing an single unbent 2 draw can take people a few months to figure out.
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The sheer joy of that high school crowd's reaction to Rebecca's solo has made me well up
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That guy's core muscles must be amazing to blow so hard and steady for so long.

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What song is it you wanna hear?

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That bird you cannot change.
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"Whew" indeed...
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That bird you cannot change.

Is it "change"? I always thought it was "chain".
posted by Paul Slade at 2:35 PM on January 20

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