Happiness sold more copies than any other hardcover book in 1963
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The past as viewed from the past when the past was the present but the past was still the past. A Boy Named Charlie Brown [26m] is an unaired 1963 documentary [Wikipedia] about the comic strip and publishing phenomenon Peanuts, created by Charles Schultz.

BONUS: Vice Guaraldi Trio - Jazz Impressions Of A Boy Named Charlie Brown [42m], an album that actually WAS released, unlike this short documentary.
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Happiness is ... a warm documentary
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whomp ba whomp wha whomp, 1963!
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What an opening sentence that is!
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an unaired 1963 documentary

and yet it did get around. I distinctly remember seeing at school in maybe Grade Three (1968?) and being somewhat disappointed that it was mostly informational as opposed to being another fun Charlie Brown movie like the Christmas one. You sometimes get tired of being educated when you're eight.
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Wonderful -‌- thanks so much hippybear!
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CB plays the piano, badly, and gets a haymaker from Lucy, seque immediately to better piano playing and smiling happy singing about what a loser is CB. That's cold.
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And this is apparently the first Peanuts animated work in a feature, although Melendez previously had the gang shilling for Ford.
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That's cold.

But part and parcel of early Peanuts. Later Schulz regretted the negative tone of a lot of his early work, gradually replacing the put-downs among the human characters with Woodstock and Snoopy-centrique animal hi-jinx. Which type is more interesting, amusing, and fondly recalled?
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Thanks for posting this. I recently fell down a Vince Guaraldi/Peanuts wikipedia rabbit hole after finding out that Vince Guaraldi is one of the people on the back cover of the Grateful Dead's album Aoxoamoxoa and also reportedly sat in with the Dead and/or Jerry Garcia in the late 60s/early 70s.

Wikipedia says that the Charlie Brown documentary is only available on DVD from the Charles Schultz Foundation. I should have known to check youtube.
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