A Tale of Two Cities: Chicago and New York
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A Tale of Two Cities: Chicago and New York This exhibition of more than 150 black-and-white photographs represents a cross-section of the thousands of significant buildings that are protected by local landmark designation in Chicago and New York City. The story of how this came to pass is both as similar and as different as the cities themselves.
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Nice post.
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Wonderful post! Thanks so much for sharing. Not familiar with New York buildings, it's nice to see them next to the Chicago buildings I've come to know and love.
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This site is incredible (other than the heinous javascript menu thingie).

Thank you.

I'm have a strong interest in urban history and this site covers the city I live in now (NYC) and the beloved home town I left it for (Chicago), so this site has great nostalgia and discovery value for me simultaneously.

I've only skimmed it so far, but I'm going to go back and go through this site slowly and thoroughly.
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