Big Trouble. Little Sister.
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Writer/director Nida Manzoor (creator of We Are Lady Parts) makes her feature film debut this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival with the action-comedy Polite Society (official trailer).

Manori Ravindran interviewed Nida Manzoor for Variety in 2021 about “We Are Lady Parts” and the state of Muslim representation in British television.
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*Thank you* for this post, I LOVED We Are Lady Parts and I hadn't heard about this film! ^_^
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I am extremely showing up for this film.
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Teenage girl Taken, huh? Alright. I approve of leaning more into the inherently ridiculous nature of the premise of 'skilled family member wages a one-person war against a glamorous and well-resourced syndicate to rescue the loved one in their clutches'.
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teh awesomz!
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"Pretty sure I drew blood."

Okay, I'm sold.
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ohhhhhh YES! 100% in for this ride!
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The show looks like something I'll probably binge over the weekend, and the movie trailer is delightful. Special shoutout to the costume designer, because the clothes move so beautifully in the action sequences.
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This. Looks. AMAZING!! I am gonna work hard to see this in the cinema, thank you for sharing! And I kinda love MIL-to-be with her Avasarala/Georgiou vibe. Here for it, as the young’ us say! I recognize the main actress, to the IMDB I go.
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I really liked We Are Lady Parts, especially in its less plotty moments, when the characters just got to play off each other. To this day I can keep the entire gallery of people in that show in my head, each distinct and real. Honestly, I’d happily watch an entire series of them hanging out, chatting and just doing everyday things like going to the store and practicing. There aren’t many shows that are like that for me.
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This looks amaaaazing and I have a martial arts field trip to arrange. Thank you!
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I saw the trailer for this the other day and oh HELL yes I am here for this.
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I'm a big fan of Ritu Arya and hoo boy am I looking forward to this.
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The trailer link starts 6s in, which skips a brief cold open thing. Not sure if that was intended. Flagging in case it's worth a correction.
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Because it's awesome.
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I started at the 6-second mark intentionally. I was curious whether anyone would notice!

Trailers designed to be played as YouTube ads typically start with a highly-compressed five-second version of the trailer, which plays before YouTube’s “Skip Ads” button appears and often ends with an appeal to “watch the trailer now!” This a clever trick to get people who skip ads to see at least the compressed trailer, and maybe allow the full version to play too. But outside of that context it always seems jarring and redundant.
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Nimra Bucha was great in Ms. Marvel. Looking forward to this.
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mbrubeck that's neat. Good to know.
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