Flower Wonderland! It's Like A Candy Store!
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An intergenerational family business ends up being the last of its kind, but still keeps chugging along somehow. How The Last Artificial Flower Factory In NYC Handcrafts Designs For Celebrities [13m, Insider Business "Still Standing" series]
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Thank you! That was wonderful.
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Tenterhooks! In the 21st century! Some things will never be replaced,
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Youtuber Bernadette Banner took a tour of the same place about a year ago.
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A while back I learnt to make flower petals from artificial fabrics using a candle flame. (The fabrics have to be artificial so that the edges melt slightly as you pass them close to the flame, and then shrink slightly as they cool, giving the petal a concave shape.) One occasion that stands out in my memory: I was able to help supply a drag artist with a last-minute drift of rose petals made in the afternoon before their show.

But this is like, a million miles beyond that. The die cutting and hot moulding are so satisfying to watch! Lovely post, thank you for making it.

(And thank you to sardonyx for the Banner link as well-- I liked the detailed explanation of the machines in the "Process" tab.)
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That was wonderful- thanks for posting it. I wish they could have shown all the finished pieces from the wedding dress. The few hints they did show (roses, maybe camellias, maybe hydrangeas) were so lovely.

I hope they can hang on into the next century.
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Yeah, modern wedding dresses can be such a big purchase and are rarely passed down in families anymore, so I love hearing about times when the fabric was repurposed for something interesting.
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They sell on Amazon, and make an absolutely top-notch boutonniere.
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Also Etsy!

For people in NYC, it looks like they participated in Open House New York last fall, and I imagine they might be doing in-person sales again.
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Lovely! Thanks for sharing this!
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The red velvet rose on Amazon is really beautiful.
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