"Hollywood Fireball" like no other
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Nikki Finke, "Hollywood's most reviled reporter" died last October, and was just as good at breaking power structures as she was in burning bridges... "She could be rude, aggressive, highhanded — so it wasn’t a shock that, mixed into the respectful newspaper obituaries and affectionate tributes, there were harsh takedowns." [Warning: SLNYT]
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She may have been successful at breaking Hollywood power structures, but the new ones that arose from the wreckage don’t seem any better. There may be a lesson here for those of us seeking to break down other power structures.
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@jon_evil - that is SUCH a good point
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incredibly interesting article, thanks so much for sharing with us
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Bernstein, son of Carl, wrote about Nikki Finke (whom I knew irl) for WWD in 2007.
That story got pulled.
WWD ran an Editor’s Note.
Why the NYT didn’t mention Bernstein’s previous interactions with her is an odd omission.
Earlier piece (archived).
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