"What say you just drop them britches!?"
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"What say you just drop them britches!?" - Well the actual insemination was allegedly done in a slightly more scientific manner, but this guy says he's knocked up. Good Lord! First that candy wrapper thing and now this. Have all the scientist gone mad? (Link via usr/bin/girl)
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I hesitate to comment, but I might as well. This site is fairly old, but still interesting. It's made by paperveins and GenoChoice. Please go to GenoChoice for a good demonstration of the biotechnology used to get Pop pregnant.
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Do you hesitate to comment, ahughey, because the front page clearly indicates "1035 users and counting", and your user_ID of 1074, hence, clearly indicates your status as a chronological anomaly? Or, to put it in layman's terms, ahughey is a visitor from the future.
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A male pregnancy is really not that much different than an ectopic pregnancy in a woman. The issue is not with raising the fetus to term, but with delivery and post-delivery complications, like figuring out how to let the placenta build it's blood-vessel network into the abdominal cavity/intestines, without compromising their integrity when the child is removed. Seems like an artifical womb would be safer....
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Well, el burgerster, or whatever your name is, there are a lot of empty records for member numbers under 100 (in fact, I think the first active member number after mathowie's #1 is the guy who locked mathowie in his bathroom. Hmmm... Anyway, those of us with Metafilter numbers under 300 or 400 shouldn't act superior to the kids with four digits (even though we are). I wonder what matt's going to do with those unused low numbers...
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im 153 so im obviously far superior than most. good to know. however, being as superior as i am, i can with out a doubt say this is the silliest thing i have heard of.

i mean, c'mon, what the hell is the point of this pregnancy? is there some strange plan to kill off all the female humans on planet earth?
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I dunno, I smell a hoax.
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Well, the 'Live EKG' of this guy is just an animated gif. . . looks pretty phoney to me.
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Well, the 'Live EKG' of this guy is just an animated gif. . . looks pretty phoney to me.
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Before you call the Associated Press, make SURE you check GenoChoice. They're the company that is handling Mr. Lee's pregnancy. In addition, they were able to clone me online. As soon as the clone grows up, I can send him to work and stay home all day. And it only cost me $13 K!!!

I wonder if GenoChoice's servers are powered by potatoes.
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I only hesitated to comment because I couldn't quite tell if Nyarlathotep was taking the 'male pregnancy' seriously or not. I'm also surprised no one but grumblebee checked out the links. C'mon, you don't need to be a man from the future to figure it out.
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This can't be right. I clearly remember running into this site before being hired at my present job, and that was in July of 98'. Everyone made a fuss about it.

Unless I'm just dillusional.
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Well, it is possible to do this, has been since 1981 or so...putting the kid in the Peritoneum is risky, since it's the tissue you absolutely do not want to tear. But whether or not this site's for real, eventually this will happen.

The artificial womb will be working for humans soon, and when it does, who knows?
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The site Ezrael posted says that "the artificial womb is a rectangular clear plastic box filled with amniotic fluid..."

My wife and I were imagining such a device a few months ago. I wonder how long it will be before people watch as their fetuses mature on the mantlepiece--like sea monkeys.

Maybe when a red light starts blinking, it will be done, and you can remove it. Some people will get impatient and remove their fetus too early. The sticker on the back of the box will clealy warn against doing this, but you know how some people are.

Most people will interact with their fetus before it comes out of the box, talking to it or setting it in front of the TV.

And then there will be the inevitable tragic cases in which, during the night, someone slips into the house through the window and steals the fetus. Or the maid accidently drops the box on the floor.

You will be able to buy fake fetus boxes with life-like dolls inside. Imagine the fun you'll be able to have playing jokes on your friends. "Huh? Our baby wan't black last time we looked!"
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My favorite: that the site claims to have "live fluoroscopy leads" on this man's chest, which is impossible. Fluoroscopy requires a transmitter and a receiver, just like an x-ray (where the transmitter is the x-ray source and the receiver is the film); in short, there's no way, at least, that that part is true.
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