"In 21st Century America, harassment and cruelty are fine as long as you don't do it on a computer."
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"In 21st Century America, harassment and cruelty are fine as long as you don't do it on a computer." You'd think the police would have better things to do than sieze the computer of a kid who made an offensive website. Free speech, anyone? Anyone?
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i think everyone in highschool should make a list of bad things about everyone else at their school. this will make it far easier for me to assess who i dislike and who will parish in my coming.

..oh wait, i shouldnt say that, technically i am harrassing the masses and might be thrown in jail.

this is simply a case of ASSHOLE COPS (who were the bullies in highschool that barely made it through community college) picking on punk kids with pink hair. police are neat.
posted by sikk at 11:54 AM on June 5, 2000

This has made for TV movie written all over it. Kind of like a nihilistic Footloose.
I agree with sikk, he describes all of my classmates who went on to become cops. My friend Carolyn has stories about jocks thowing some new wave kid through a plate glass window, and the NW kid ending up punished for it because his clothing provoked the thugs.
Nobody ever learns anything.
Why doesn't anybody take a holistic approch and figure out why the kid would write these things in the first place. It makes me sick that the parents afraid to send their kids to school with this joker, are the parents of the kids causing him to write this stuff in the first place. Keeping their kids home would go a long way towards solving the problem.
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It's just insane. There are people who absolutely hate me, who hate what I stand for, who say horrid and offensive things about me. I let them. I have this bizarre reverence for the First Amendment. Zany of me. I assume that the only reason to ever abrogate it is when there's a clear and present danger to other's lives via its abuse.

Will anything this boy said cause his classmates to panic and stampede, injuring themselves? No. Will it deceive them into remaining on a burning oil tanker, thus asphixiating them? No. It's mean, and spiteful, yes...just like Jesse Helms' talk of the 'homosec-tual arts and mental dee-ficients who enj-hoy depraavizedity' (that is, as far as I can understand him, what he said) or David Duke's rancid political aspirations. We allow them their platforms. Why not some teenager who has a lot of hate? Sure, he should probably be watched by his teachers...out of concern for him. I hope his parents stick by him.

Welcome to the 21st century. It's gonna make the 1950's look like the Summer of Love.
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