The Tree of Life
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Zoomable Tree of Life All known species in one zoomable fractal.
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I probably just killed my neighbor's weekend by forwarding this along.
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TIL a new otter species! Thank you, addictive zoom tree.
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Ooooooooooh! I like it.
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Plunged in, quickly left the familiar confines of Euarchontoglires and came up hot and wet among the Asgardarchaeota at Loki's castle.
". . . from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved." Chas. R. Darwin
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Cute data visualization, but (computational biologist hat on) it doesn't look like branch length corresponds to evolutionary distance. Would be much neater if it did!
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Sure, but isn't there research suggesting that evolution is more complex than a "tree"?
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All known species in one zoomable fractal

Yup, that's all of them.
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Ha. I saw this linked in a comment on Reddit yesterday. I wondered how long it would take to get here.

Another comment suggested searching for "Human" first, and then "E. Coli" just to see the tree zooooom.
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Are extinct species represented in some way? Maybe just on the branches, not the leaves?
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Another comment suggested searching for "Human" first, and then "E. Coli" just to see the tree zooooom.

That was really unexpectedly thought-provoking.
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Some recently extinct species are shown: the ones with Extinct status on the IUCN list. They show up as black leaves.

The dinosaurs aren't on the tree, though.
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I tried following the main branch for as far as possible to see where it ended up, and the answer was: moths. Lots and lots of moths. An endless fractal tree of moths. Which reminded me of that time someone tried to find the least-viewed Wikipedia pages and most of those were also obscure moths.

So anyway if you want to really see the tree zoom, jump between Eilema Cereola and Escherichia coli O145 NM str. 2012C-4480. It takes several minutes.
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