June 5, 2000
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With all the big companies slapping down anybody who comes close to infringing on their big beautiful trademarks, how come these guys have never gone after this guy? It's not like he hasn't done plenty to denigrate the spirit of those who melt in your mouth but not in your hand?
(And shouldn't Mars Candy be more protective of their mascots?)
posted by wendell (3 comments total)
Wow. That Salon article (the final link in the entry) is utterly fascinating.
posted by jbushnell at 11:49 AM on June 5, 2000

And I should've also mentioned this (although it is so 'par for the course' these days...)
posted by wendell at 12:21 PM on June 5, 2000

An amusing excerpt from the Salon article on product mascots:
Does the Pillsbury Doughboy actually make the cookies, and if so, are they made from parts of himself? ... "We don't want people to really think about that part," says [Dennis] Ready [Pillsbury's director of brand development].
posted by Spyderella at 12:20 PM on June 6, 2000

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