So called Gnutella-worm....
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So called Gnutella-worm.... So, I'm sure one or two of you have seen press coverage of the supposed spread of a set of vbs-worms, through the Gnutella community (Napster without a centralized server for those who don't know what it is). I have to agree with the Gnutella-folks statement, that this is more an exploit of windows and user-foolishness, than anything technically skilled. What's interesting to note is that it seems to be having a chilling effect...usually there's somewhere around 5,000 hosts, and 10 Terabytes of data, there's barely 1100 hosts. I would have thought the average gnut-er was smarter than to fall for a vbs-worm.
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i wonder who started the worm. maybe it was MCA. =)

at anyrate, this is just funny to me for some odd reason.
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