take it easy bro, uh--alright, i need a ride, do i need a ride?
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I want to know how they secretly recorded my elementary school best friends and me on any group drive of 45+ minutes.
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I want to be them. To just kinda do a thing with apparently zero preparation, and have a great time, and suddenly it’s a sensation for no reason. Sincerely love their palpable pleasure at just having a fun hang.
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The Blue Album is absolutely the soundtrack of 1995 for me. Thank you for sharing this!
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Bang bang, knock on the door, mumble mumble munble get down on the floor...
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Some people put together something called "Super Mario World Remade from Memory."
We challenged ourselves to reconstruct all the levels, maps, and songs in Super Mario World (1994) based purely on what we could remember. The result is thoroughly unsettling. Please enjoy this testament to the fallibility of human memory.
I've only played about 1.5 worlds, and I think my personal recollection of the game is not really strong enough to get the full effect, but I still love it as a piece of conceptual art.
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I didn't actually own this record and only know the hits. This version of the hits made me laugh.
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what is better than this, today? nothing. nothing is better than this today
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A decade before this excellent album, as a freshman in nowhere Illinois, I met and fell in with my bestest ever high school friend doing the same thing in PE class, but with the Violent Femmes. He started Blister in the Sun as we started around the track, and we both knew all the words straight through. It was the start of 4 years of absolute goofy misadventure. He was the greatest.
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I was about to say, I think I could do this with the first Femmes album. But I never knew it was "nine for my lost gods" so now that I do I oughta give it a shot.
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The way they perfectly nail some parts and get completely lost in others makes this just perfect. (Also, the one guy is really good at switching seamlessly between beatboxing and singing!)
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ooh Flood seems made for this.
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"I talked for hours to your sweet memory, one thousand times in my head"
"That's In Dreams"
"You said you loved it more than... it is?"
[moment of silence]
"What's with these homies dissin' my girl?"

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Absolutely wonderful. A joy.
posted by brainwane at 5:17 PM on March 10

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