"I don't like you no more."
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Banshees of Inisherin: The Game. Post-Flash Friday Fun.
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I've only played the first 2 levels. I don't have to fight a friendly donkey for the boss level, do I?
posted by Eddie Mars at 11:08 AM on March 17

Disappointed that it can't be played without fingers.
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The donkey is a power-up.
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I've only played one level so I'm hoping the ultimate boss to beat is a bread van.
posted by chococat at 12:55 PM on March 17

I hated this miserable fucking movie so fucking much and this game displays exactly the right level of respect for it.
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I can't make it work. I can never make these things work. I'm pathetic. I hate video games.
posted by charlesminus at 3:16 PM on March 17

You really hated the movie and thought it was miserable? Dang. I thought it was the most beautiful meditation on life, depression, legacy, the passage of time, learning, the arts and family. Plus it was hilarious.

It was the best movie I've seen since Arrival which was also a transformative experience for me.

Just wouldn't have expected someone to call it miserable.
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Oh, it was absolutely miserable. It was, for the most part, entirely about misery.

And I loved it for that.
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I thought this movie was awful.
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I adored this movie (it was miserable in all the most perfect ways). This game is hilarious.
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I thought the movie was pretty good. My wife punched me when it was over for suggesting we watch it. Hate is not strong enough a word to describe how she feels about that movie. I’m going to send her a link to the game right now.
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It was lovely hearing Brendan Gleeson play fiddle. He spent a summer in Vancouver in 1998 making a truly miserable movie with Jane Fonda and every Tuesday night he’d join us at The Irish Heather and play fiddle with our session. No one knew him save for every Irish tourist who stumbled into the pub and couldn’t believe their eyes that The General was sat there playing jigs and reels. He often bought them pints. To a person they would say “d’ye know who that is?” And we’d answer “that’s our friend Brendan. Great fiddler.”

They all replied the same way and that’s how we learned that his middle name was “Fucking.”

I think the music saved him that summer. He was homesick and not happy with the work and he took a chance to play whenever he could. He even came and played with us at my wife and my 30th birthday party which was a ceili held in the Common Room of our housing coop. He brought a cheap bottle of wine and took up his fiddle with the rest of the musicians.

Years later when my kids got into Harry Potter they learned that Mad Eye Moody played at Mum and dad’s 30th.

He’s a great fiddler and a sweet man.

And he’s a terrific actor. And that was one amazing film.
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That is a fantastic story, salishsea.
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This is grand, thanks for posting! Took me a couple tries to get to it; my work network apparently doesn't like newly registered domains and my cheap android didn't play nice with it. I am crap at these sorts of things, but made it far enough to see Jenny. Hi Jenny!

I loved this movie, but I've spent the four months since I saw it telling people it was my favorite movie of last year but I can't in good conscience recommend it. Too hard to tell who will enjoy it and who will not - so bleak, I would probably not have recommended it to myself if I knew the plot in advance.

Easier to just tell everyone to watch my other 2022 fave, EEAAO. Which would also make a heck of a silly flash game.

salishsea, thanks for that reminiscence. I admit I have to imagine the cast and crew having a great time off camera to balance out the misery of the film/fable itself. In that vein, here's an interview with the great Kerry Condon - she touches on hanging out with Jenny and Rosie, the older donkey they had on set to help boost Jenny's confidence.
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I LOVE Brendan Gleeson. I think Colin Farrell is amazing! I’m Irish. But I have never seen a Martin McDonagh play or film that I have not viscerally hated, despite the wonderful acting, production values, photography, etc.

However, I get that people do like his works, so fair play and well done. Not gonna play the game though!
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