Ducks lift off
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Video of Pintails, Mallards, Widgeon and Shovelers at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge by Tara Tanaka (suggestion to lower your volume before playing video, the music is appropriately dramatic!).
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Awesome beauty!
posted by tronec at 12:08 PM on March 19

Nicely choreographed...
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Thank you for sharing this, it was wonderful. I wish she'd answered the question about where the music came from.

About 30 years ago my wife and I were close to a flock of snow geese when they decided to break, and the visual and audio cacophony were awesome. This video reminded me of that.
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Hopefully I can visit this place sometime. I lived in Texas for my first few decades and like to tell people that I've been on "just about every square inch of New Mexico". For me, a physics nerd, highlights of this part of the state include the VLA and the open-2-days-a-year Trinity site.
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