Let's get the old gang together and do a music video!
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Keanu, Lawrence, Carrie-Anne, Hugo, Gloria, Joey Pants and many more team up to bring us Ice Ice Matrix [Auralnauts, 3m43s]. With a guest verse by Wilford Brimley.
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I agree with the YT comment that says “This is a prime example of so much ‘too much effort on something stupid’ that it overflows back around to being an incredible thing that the world is better for having.” BUT ALSO Wilford Brimley.
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Ice Ice Diabeetus.
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But why?
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So, an example of this from 20 years ago, The Chemical Brothers - Get Yourself High.

The technology has improved.
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Man, from rapping to coaching professional football, is there anything Wilford Brimley can't do?
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Dude musta been high when he thought this one up.
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Love it.
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I am fairly convinced that the genesis of this video was "what if Wilford Brimley rapped Ice Ice Baby" and then it dawned on the creator that it would get old way before the song got to even the halfway point. But! If it was a surprise easter egg inside a Matrix version of the song...
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That was dumb

and awesome
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very well done but AI mouths feels like cheating, somehow
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"If there's a problem, yo, I'll solve it"

Vanilla Ice, the unsung philosopher of the American Way.
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The tech is impressive, for sure, and the cover is great...

...and yet, I miss the creativity of well-used audio design to completely transform a movie scene from their (much) earlier work.

But (ethical concerns about AI voice trainers aside,) there is probably no reason why those two couldn't coexist.
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Hippybear, thanks for sharing that. It's fascinating to see and it's an eerie reminder that we can't really trust anything we see on video nowadays.

But all that said, I'm with BungaDunga that it feels a little bit like cheating. Swedemason's no-AI, just clever editing version is more my cup of tea.
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That's very silly.
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The thing that tips this over the edge for me is that the cover is INCREDIBLE. The video is just the cherry on top.
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