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In pursuit of music to study/work/live to, may I present this 1.5 hr spotify playlist of north African music featuring bands such as Bombino, Imarhan, and Ali Farka Toure.
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Is there a way to import this list to Bandcamp or Napster?
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Thank you -- this is wonderful! For those who enjoy this sound, you may also enjoy Tinarewen's album Elwan, which I've been playing on repeat lately. There's also an excellent music video for one of the tracks, Nànnuflày.
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Yes. Thank you. Also, 100% agree, Tinarewen deserve to be heard by as many as possible. Also Mdou Moctar also Mulatu Astatke.
As much as Spotify is kind of crap, it has presented to me so - many - amazing - musicians which I probably would never hear otherwise : I’ve bought more albums lately just off this.
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Similar Spotify playlist. Thank you, I am really enjoying this style lately.
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I can't wait to enjoy this!
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Just because more information is better than less: Although it's labeled "Berber music," this appears to actually be a "Desert Blues" (or "Desert Blues adjacent") playlist with some Berber musicians in it. Many of the artists aren't Berber, and there are many other styles of music that Berber musicians play.

And "Desert Blues" itself isn't a singular genre either - more a marketing convenience for overseas markets. For example, Tinariwen are Tuareg, which is a Berber subgroup, but Ali Farka Touré was Songhay and Fula, and drew drew from many non-Berber influences and collaborated with many non-Berber musicians. Lots of important similarities, but also lots of important differences.

If you like this sound, some other Tuareg "Desert Blues" musicians:

Atri N'Assouf
Alhousseini Anivolla
Etran Finatawa (a collaboration between Tuareg and Wodaabe musicians)
Groupe Inerane
Kel Assouf
Tartit (not all Desert Blues, some more traditional arrangements)

Some Tuareg musicians who aren't (usually) Desert Blues:
Idassane Wallet Mohamed
Fadimoutou Wallet Inamoud
Groupe Oyiwane

Some other Malian musicians who you might like if you're into Desert Blues:
Khaira Arby
Anansy Cissé
Lobi Traoré
Ibrahim Hama Dicko
Petit Goro
Alkibar Gignor
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khrouangbin guitarist and son of ali, vieux farka toure is on tour rn - and i have tix for two shows!
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Is there a way to import this list to Bandcamp or Napster?

There are various conversion services (with free levels that will probably be OK for smaller playlists) such as but how well they work depends on what's available, guessing probably not much in this case.

There is a lot on YouTube (including a tiny contribution to the genre I recorded a couple of years back - and yes, a truncated water/milk carton with the bottom cut off placed over a lamp is still my all-time favourite gig lighting).

Tishoumaren* for e.g.

There's also contextualising vids with scales and stuff like
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In addition to Kutsuwamushi's excellent suggestions, Les Filles de Illighadad and Etran de L'Aïr also deserve a mention, as does Sahel Sounds in general (previously), and Sublime Frequencies' Guitars from Agadez series.
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Wow! I've been listening to this playlist for almost six months and I had no idea the genre was so deep! I can't wait to dive in
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Fantasic stuff. Wonderful playlist!
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I like this album from Donso -- especially give it a listen if you're already a fan of Amadou & Miriam.
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