Finding Britain’s Lost Gods
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I. Gods of Prehistoric Britain; II. Paganism in Roman Britain; III. Anglo-Saxon Pagan Gods; IV. Viking Pagan Gods in Britain: the first four of an on-going series of hour-long lectures at Gresham College by cravat-wearing historian Ronald Hutton. (Previously).
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Thanks for this, I think I"ll like it.
posted by Liquidwolf at 1:06 PM on March 23

I've read several of his books and they were all very interesting (his questionable sartorial choices notwithstanding).
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Oh lord, I wanted to like Hutton's book on witches but it was just too dry for me. At least this is video because mythology is very firmly in my wheelhouse.
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Hutton is always fun when he turns up on UK living history TV to tell them how they celebrated harvest and solstices or tell the odd ghost story.
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I know we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but watching one of the vids and this guy looks and sounds exactly like what I'd expect from the description!
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This is a great post.

Please tell me this man has been interviewed by Philomena Cunk.
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If you want more of Richard Hutton, I think he appeared near the end of every episode of Tudor Monastery Farm, getting people to celebrate some old English religious thing. Here he is jumping over a Midsummer fire.
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Abehammerb Lincoln, he did! In Cunk on Britain, for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in others.
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I had a copy of Stations of the Sun, but lent it to someone who didn't return it, argh. I need to get another one.

I have wanted a copy of The Rise and Fall of Merry England, but it's been out of print and hundreds of dollars for a copy. But maybe it's available as an ebook now.

This is the long way of saying that Ronald Hutton is terrific.
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Clicked through for the cravat, was not disappointed! I'll watch more for the interesting content, but well done on the hook.
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I have wanted a copy of The Rise and Fall of Merry England, but it's been out of print and hundreds of dollars for a copy. But maybe it's available as an ebook now.

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I know what I'm doing this weekend.
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Back in 2018, in answer to an AskMeFi question, I recommended Hutton's documentary A Very British Witchcraft as 'a lively and fair-minded account of Gardnerian Wicca'. The 2018 link is dead now, but there's another one here.
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Hutton's a great writer and I will really enjoy these when I get a chance. Pagan Britain is excellent. I agree he can be quite dry but one great thing about him, at least in that book, is his unwillingness to speculate - he's really good at just saying 'we simply don't know what was in their heads' rather than making spicy stuff up.
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