A week at my Nonna's house
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Exactly what it says in the title This YouTube Channel is probably already some of the best of YouTube. But this particular episode may be among the best of the webs.
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She definitely had a good time. I'll leave it at that. I'm happy to see happy videos (well, the two minutes I spent with this one) and the snark is too obvious to spew.

Live and let live: A motto not commonly observed on the internet.
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I’m not super sure what there is so obvious to snark about? It’s a gorgeous half hour of family, vistas, markets, celebrations, and a grandmother’s constant love and hard work. It’s clear that the whole family appreciates good food, that the woman filming wants to make a personal account of a precious week in her life, and that they are all valuing this time with each other. Different family members cook or bring treats, they visit different beautiful areas, and her grandmother is centered throughout as the source and purpose of this coming together and bounty. There’s so much skilled prep work, seasoning born of decades of practice, smart shopping for a crowd, and liberal engagement with treats and local favorites because they are all there to have a good time.

I really enjoyed it! The only issue I had was in the very end, it cut off rather abruptly. I wish she had filmed giving her grandmother and aunts hugs in appreciation or something, but the gratitude is clear throughout. If you only spend two minutes on something eighteen times longer than that, why are you even forming an opinion? Doing what I eat in a day/week/etc is a well worn format by now, and this is one of the loveliest ones I’ve seen. No droning narration, lingering shots on beautiful things but not overly produced, little moments with the family, and when the food was extra good you could see it in her face.
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I found her channel around a month ago, and the videos of her life with family in Italy are especially lovely and interesting. Not only is her nonna an amazing cook, but her parents own two restaurants and her mom is the main chef (if I remember correctly) for both restaurants. The videos where she films what her mom cooks in a week are really impressive.
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I’m glad she had fun but this isn’t exactly expert cinematography. Happy personal videos are very nice.
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The fact that we do not all live as Southern Italians surely proves that God does not exist.
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I should have mentioned that this is a video where one should read the comments. In general, comments on this type of content is friendly, but what is fascinating is how many people from all over the world, not just the Mediterranean, can identify with the activity in the video. And I personally think the home-video production style is part of that.

I could certainly identify, I too had a grandmother who was always either cooking, shopping for food or discussing meal plans while eating food. And who was at the center of a large noisy family. I realize I have to up my granny game.
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The fact that we do not all live as Southern Italians surely proves that God does not exist.

in northern Alberta we compete with the porcupines to chew the bark from the choicest trees
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I think I gained weight watching that.

So many good parts
- Lots of white wine...
-Nonna takes a nap
-...Then it was time for the 1st course

Nonna doesn't look like she enjoys cooking, though.
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