September 10, 2002
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Yes.. we all know what today is (it's pretty much Wednesday here).. read up on the MeFi reactions, or the reactions from Fark. Hundreds of these have to be around. I'm just linking some ones off the top of my head here. Here's one timeline of last 9/11 also which seems more skeptical about all of this. Here are some events for today.

Do something good for somebody today.
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I'm horrible.

I clicked on the "k" Fark link, and 'lo and behold it said under the CNN link/graphic: "Farkers have clicked on the above link 1336 times."

So I had to click it one more time. And took a screenshot.

*hangs head in shame*

I need help. I blame the nasty virus floating around the DC area.

I wonder if there is a larger Internet Sept. 11th archive that could be added to the Wayback Machine or something.
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I for one, am going to spend it like any other day. Probably because otherwise.. the terrorists have already yadda yadda yadda. Oh, but I'm going to watch Metafilter burn in numerous flamewars, most of which have already started. I will also observe how quickly Matt can delete threads by monitoring lofi.mefi.

I wonder if everybody will break out the flags and put those stickers back on their cars. Ooo and the shirts! I so loved the patriotic shirts last september.
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The metafilter threads last year are really amazing. What a neat way to store history, with real reactions. I actually saved all of that into a giant html page on my system last year... Very interesting re-read , if you haven't yet.
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I first looked at Metafilter on Sept 11 last year, having linked in through Chuck Taggart's blog I became extremely hooked on Mefi in the next few days - I live in Budapest and the web is my main news source in English. Since Hungary boasts the world's most expensive internet access, surfing is pricey and Metafilter became my first site to view for the news each day.

It was fascinating to see how effective Mefi was in maintaining a sober dialogue through those first tense days, especially during the anthrax attacks and other rumor-laden scares.
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