Pet Shop Boys Lost In Russia
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Pet Shop Boys have released a new EP, Lost [YT playlist], of four tracks recorded in 2015 for Super, but held off the album for not fitting thematically. The Lost Room meditates on the alienation of military school, with images from the German film Die Junge Törless [Trailer, 3m] used in the video. I Will Fall is a love song Neil said he could hear George Michael singing. Skeletons In The Closet might be talking about Russia's unwillingness to deal with Stalinism. Kaputnik continues the Russia theme. And finally, Living In The Past seems to be a VERY new song, and again deals with Russia. The video has a demo version of the song.

Pet Shop Boys are busy in the studio working on their 15th studio album, have a gigantic Greatest Hits package coming out later this year, and will continue to tour their Dreamland tour in 2023.
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I was today years old when I learned that "from Lake Geneva to the Finland Station" refers to Lenin.
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By way of Edmund Wilson...
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I loved Super, pretty excited for this.
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Edmund Wilson’s. To The Finland Station is such a masterpiece, with the best prose style that is the antithesis of journalistic. It is a history of precursors to socialist thought, and goes up to and ends at the point where Lenin arrives at the Finland Station.
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I saw the PSB play with New Order at Madison Square Garden last September. I think it was my 4th time seeing them? Love their songcraft, and love their stagecraft. And I love the political slant of these new tracks.

"The Lost Room" is quite dark, and sounds right off one of their classic '80s albums. Glad they're still out there doing what they do.
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Glad they're still out there doing what they do.

What they do: silent movie scoring (Battleship Potemkin), ballet (The Most Incredible Thing), musicals (Closer To Heaven)... and that's all aside from their pop music stuff.
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PS Boys are suave as always. The original novel version of Young Torless by R Musil is pretty harsh. One of the most disturbing things I've read.
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Ah thanks, I had seen this out there on the socials and was sort of confused by the tonal whiplash since they're also promoting their triple-disc 1985-2020 singles collection.
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(like, sure, you might already have Discography from 1991, Alternative from 1995, Pop Art from 2003, Story _and_ Party from 2009, and Ultimate from 2010, in addition to the various Aurally and Disco releases, but that still leaves 4 new albums in the last decade! Cheese, they're busy.)
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(the Beatles released their entire catalog across less than a decade. PSB are productive, but not truly busy.)
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Thank you for sharing this! ^_^
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Love PSB so much! Thanks for the quality content as always, hippybear.
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Not related to this album but I feel like sharing: I had the great pleasure of seeing Pet Shop Boys once at the State Theatre in Detroit and from a lifetime of concerts it was probably the most exhilarating one I've ever been to. The crowd REALLY appreciated them. At one point, Chris Lowe smiled, and everyone just went WILD! One of the top musical moments of my life. I feel like Neil and Chris enjoyed it, too.
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I've been really enjoying this late era of PSB. Elysium was such a nothing of an album for many fans, and someone made the offhand comment related to that album that they really wanted to see PSB being more upbeat and with more lasers. And they literally took that to heart, releasing and touring Electric and it really gave them a new shot of energy.

Neil has been posting photos of them recording strings and horns for their upcoming album, so I have no idea what to expect. I guess they're working with James Ford, so this could be an interesting direction they're moving into for this next cycle of albums.

Just editing to say: The list of albums Ford has produced is pretty insane. I'm VERY curious to see where this new album goes.
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So, the Boys have been remastering all their videos into HD n conjunction with their new singles package, and there are a LOT of things I haven't ever seen before! Go to the PSB YouTube channel if you're interested.
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