Neil Diamond Phil Donahue 1993
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Neil Diamond had just released a new album in the second half of 1993 when he appeared on the Phil Donahue Show [46m]. I feel like this is peak early Nineties daytime television.
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PSA: Neil Diamond is still alive
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Incredibly, Neil was 30 years into his career when he did this appearance, and he only retired in 2018 after a Parkinson's diagnosis.
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I think I saw the Chicken Lady in the audience.
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My typo is haunting me and I'm awaiting its correction.
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yeah, Niel Daimond gets overlooked enough as is.
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I feel like this is peak early Nineties daytime television.

Sadly too true. Where's an inanimate carbon rod when you need one?
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Y’all probably caught this already but I just love it: opening night of A Beautiful Noise on Broadway.
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speaking of the early 90s, that was when I properly rediscovered the Neil Diamond magic. Punk and new wave and hardcore and whatever had all crashed and burned and here was this fabulously uncool guy who'd been all the over AM radio when I was little kid still sounding fabulous, cool even. In fact, there was one "grunge" outfit I was friends with at the time who used to say, "There are two kinds of people in the world. People who know that Neil Diamond is better than U2, REM and Nirvana combined, and people who are wrong." You'd be hanging out with them and there'd always be a point (around the fourth or fifth drink) when the Neil Diamond vinyl would get hauled out -- Hot August Night in particular, because it is, of course, the greatest live album ever recorded.

That link is to a 2008 performance of Crunch Granola (first song from Hot August Night). Here's the whole concert.
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It's so Nineties that Phil has forgone his suit for a sweater, no doubt inspired by a popular sitcom at the time where the dad always wore sweaters.
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And, thinking about it, it's a shame we never got a Diamond/Tennant/Peart team-up.
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Wow, this is amazing. This is an odd amalgamation of daytime television populism, and rock legend pop cult of personality with the kind of sweater clad holiday smaltz my grandmother would love. Donahue is the foundation of am entire genre of television and it's strange to see him close to his peak... considering it's a genre I had no real love for... and while I also have a mostly detached... Academic? ... affection for Neil Diamond, he traveled such an amazing road, he was born around the same time as my father but couldn't have possibly lived a more different life... a Brooklyn jew in high school with Barbara Streisand who attended NYU on a fencing scholarship before joining Tin Pan Alley as a songwriter for the Monkeys and so many others, and then continued creating for 5 decades. On this show Neil tells a story about Irving Berlin and it's bizarre to think of the two of them showing up at the same building every workday to earn a living, even if the overlap was only for a few months.

Lastly... will middle America ever get tired of New York Jewish singers releasing Christmas albums?
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Four years later, the world was ready for 'Neil Diamond Parking Lot.'
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I misread this as Neil Young and was expecting something very different.
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