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Happy Monday, MeFites. I wish you all to have a great week, and a great free thread!
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One piece of music I've been very much enjoying this wee is Dom Flemons' new recording of an old Bob Dylan demo: Guess I'm Doing Fine.
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I just printed a shipping label to send art to Tasmania. I like "Tasmania" as a place name. Is it true that Tasmania is the Australia of Australia? Or did I make that up.
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Happy Monday, but more importantly, Happy Eurovision Week! Looking forward to the first Semi-Final (and first Semi-Final thread in FanFare) tomorrow!
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Yesterday I visited our local bookstore Books and Mortar and picked up Legends & Latte by Travis Baldree. I ended up reading the entire book yesterday. It was wonderful! Will definitely read again soon.
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I prepared a message for the Sunday service in the absence of the minister. This looks like the last year for our church I must say, and I spoke on the theme of Hope and Fire (it's wildfire season around here). If you're like me, the story of Pandora's Box (most likely jar) you remember as a child is nothing like the original from Hesiod. This is a great discussion on 'Hope' from the BBC series "In Our Time."
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Final exam is today. There have already been students caught cheating in earlier sessions.

This semester has made me question whether I want to continue in academia.
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I had a really lovely weekend and Spring is being glorious here. Almost a full year in Colorado and it's bittersweet; I'm glad I left Texas and afraid for my friends and family living in that madness.

(Not that Colorado doesn't have a problem with shootings, but at least the government here doesn't seem to celebrate them as the rightful price of "freedom.")

Anyway I'm still learning the different birds and trees here, and got a parks pass so I can get out more. I still feel blessed every time I see the mountains.
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Anyway I'm still learning the different birds and trees here

Another opportunity for me to mention the really excellent smart phone app Seek. It's like magic -- you point it at a bush or insect or animal and it tells you what it is, often quite specifically. Highly recommend!
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My new favorite musical artist released a music video just before the weekend "Animal Flow". It's a blast.

Imagine a massive house party inside the brain of someone who references George Orwell and Kubrick mixed with an independent artist free rein and, well, there you have an inkling of the sheer WTF awesomeness.

It is wonderfully stuck in my head and was deployed all weekend to combat retail store satellite radio.
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talking of birds, I set up a BirdNET-Pi installation. It's basically the Cornell Lab Merlin app running locally. It's pretty accurate considering it's running off a horrid $2 USB sound card and a 2002-ish computer desktop microphone. Its false positives are fun: it's convinced a neighbour's dog is a trumpeter swan, and a local delivery dude's farty gas engine in a mountain bike frame is a turkey vulture.
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When I was doing theater, that was a major part of my social life; we were all artists with day jobs bonding over trying to Make Art, and we were thrown into each others' pockets for a solid two months at a stretch. But I had other friends outside theater, and when I gave it up I was looking forward to hanging out with them and just doing more stuff on my own....but that was right when the recession started and I ended up underemployed and chronically broke for a solid 10 years, which kept me from doing all that much. And then literally two weeks after I finally got my current job (which finally paid me well), the USA went into Covid lockdown, and then I broke my knee a few months later.

But today it's 3 years later (which came after the 10 years); my knee has mostly recovered, I've been slowly drifting into some Meetup groups, the world has largely opened back up and I've had zero debt. And while there's a greater percentage of medical appointments cluttering my day planner than there used to be (wellness visits for those over 50, nothing serious), I'm also starting to fill things up with book club meetings and gardening tasks and photo club walks and movie premieres and...and I missed that.
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I have been watching and enjoying Astrid on PBS which is a French show. I have the English subtitles turned on. I have noticed a funny quirk I have developed which is that because I am following along well with the subtitles, I start thinking that I understand French. I do not, but I will look away from the show or walk out of the room without pausing it because that is what I do with regular, English-language shows. Then I come back and realize I've missed everything and need to rewind. I keep doing it at least once per viewing. I wonder if this happens to anyone else.
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Caught this on NPR this morning and it's goofy dorky coincidence fun that came off way better that I would have figured. So I thought I'd share it with you.

NPR correspondent Daniel Estrin interviews Daniel Estrin, with special guest Daniel Estrin.

Hint: They are not all the same person. And if you do click through, consider taking the time to listen to the audio, because the transcript does not do it justice.
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My dad came back home from cardiac bypass surgery yesterday! Which is great, but I was strictly told not to worry, so I have of course done a double amount of that. Everything went well, but he's aching and coughing, as expected, plus he jokes that he has what they call pumphead. Nobody told me about that until YouTube algorithms helpfully suggested something about it on the day he was in surgery. It's really scary, and it's one of those disorders that doctors have been slow to recognize, let alone take seriously. Of course it could wear off in the next couple weeks ... I wish I could be there; in fact, I want to try, but I can't do that unless they want me there, and I don't want to be more trouble.
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I just got back from a birthday weekend trip to NYC. My last attempt got cancelled by COVID-related airline disarray, but this time worked out beautifully. I saw four shows in three days and am very tired. (All were excellent. Fat Ham is the one I'd most like everyone I know to watch, and Leopoldstadt is going to stay with me a while.)
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I just celebrated my 2nd HRTversary - two years on hormone replacement, and since I came out to the world as transgender, and declared my new name and new self.

Hell of a trip and I'm glad I started it.
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Congratulations, mephron! ^_^

and many happy returns! ^_^
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[puts on cardigan]

Birding has been great in Chicago for the last three days. Warblers moving en masse. Roughly 6 million birds flew through Cook County according to Birdcast. I've seen all the species currently listed on the "you should see" sidebar at my local tiny bird sanctuary.

[takes off cardigan and pretends to be young once again]
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I just got back from a week on Vancouver Island visiting friends! It was completely amazing and wow also being in a sane country for a week really puts the US into stark relief. In Canada, there are buses and ferries and they run. The streets aren't full of potholes. The traffic lights have beeper things at pedestrian crossings even in rural areas. There are sidewalks and bike lanes and walking/biking trails everywhere. There seems to be more housing and they're building more! There aren't tent camps of houseless people everywhere.

Entering Canada from the Port Angeles - Victoria ferry: You show up in Port Angeles, park your car in a line, go get coffee, fill out a form, show someone your passport, it's all low key. Drive off the ferry, there's a nice guy in a booth, asks about your vacation plans, asks what you have in the car, is completely smiling and pleasant.

Returning to the US on the Victoria - Port Angeles ferry: You must be there 90 minutes ahead! Show your passport! You cannot leave your vehicle! If you do you will be shouted at by one of the multiple heavily armed scowling men walking slowly around from car to car. No coffee! Do not leave the compound! (the . . what fucking compound?) Then get out of the car and get in line! No getting out of line! Be glared at by more heavily armed men in black. Go through another passport check. Get a number on a yellow card. Wonder what it means. Do not take it off the car! Back in the car. Finally on the ferry. Drive off the ferry, more scowling nasty men shouting at you.

And then, spend 6 beautiful hours driving on mostly cracked, sometimes outright broken roads through absolutely glorious scenery punctuated by stark scenes of absolutely horrifying rural poverty.
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But it's the greatest country on earth! God said so!
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In Canada: The streets aren't full of potholes

They can never keep up. That video depicts the Edmonton situation, but you should visit some of the rural counties.. gravel road maintenance is positively Sisyphean

My funny ferry story, from mainland to Vancouver Island, let's just say it's a long story that includes losing a few pot lights on the highway en route and not making the last ferry and my friend in critically low blood sugar with nowhere to eat and he's frantically inhaling peanuts from the little over-priced packets at the bar, we have to unpack the back of the pick-up and get all the tools and gear into our motel room then pack it all out again in the morning, and we pull into queue for the ferry and we missed the earliest ferry so we're waiting early in the morning, windows rolled down, sleep deprived and still very hungry, still pretty upset about losing some pot lights on the highway like idiots, and a guy pulls alongside us in the adjacent queue and proceeds to get out of his car and check some things, doesn't even acknowledge the only other humans within 5 feet of him, then he leans into his passenger window for something and casually blasts an enormous fart directly at my friend into his open window. No, I will never forget that.
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It’s less than three weeks until the bike race (well, I’m not racing, I just wanna finish) and yesterday I rode all the way up to Ski Valley on Mt Lemmon. Ended up with 55 miles and over 7000 feet climbing on the ride… but I think it’s time for me to ramp it down a little. I’m really happy with what I’ve been able to do, I just want to go for rides that aren’t taking over six hours. I think I’ve proved what I needed to and I don’t think I can really get any more prepared than what I’m at. So for the next couple of weeks it’s gonna be some shorter faster rides and also maybe a few hill repeats. But… yeah, I’m a lil tired today.
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It's amazing, there are actually countries out there that have governments that are trying to help people instead of just making it easier to buy more guns.
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Warblers moving en masse.

I think I saw a black-and-white warbler, and a green heron, and maybe another warbler, out in the Milwaukee suburbs yesterday!

I have only just gotten my moving boxes delivered, and so I hadn't unpacked my binoculars yet, but I'm hoping to get out there in the very early morning some day this week and see if I can't see some more warblers.
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So, in Things That Make You Feel Ancient, someone brought a full Gen 1 Pokémon TCG set to Antiques Roadshow.

Gonna go adjust the ol' onion now.
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I just got back from two weeks of vacation which weren't as relaxing as I would have liked due to a problem with our AirBnB rental, a website I used against my better judgement for only the second time (the first time was 13 years ago) and will never use again. Now I have a personal reason for hating it along with all my moral and practical objections to it!
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next week I will be flying to the east coast to attend AND OFFICIATE my sister's wedding. I have just become a Minister of the Universal Life Church.
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I had an artistically stimulating weekend: as a reminder, I'm an old guy returning to college for a film degree but haven't started class yet; two weeks ago I went to the Film Senior Project presentation to see what the department produces, and most were pretty good, a couple were a little rough, but I went away feeling their creative energy and the excitement of young people finishing a project.

This past Friday was the entire film and animation department's Juried Show -- the better of the Senior Projects did get elected to appear...but, despite the 'zero-budget' production the rest of the stuff was so good. Getting just the filtered Best Of made me a little...worried about whether I'll do a good job in the coming years, it set the bar pretty high for me. Of course, my supportive family reminded me that you go to school to learn how to be good at this, so if I can get as good as these kids, I'll be OK.

Saturday, for Free Comic Book Day, a special guest was in town: at the local comic shop was Chris Claremont, whose main claim to fame was his run on the X-Men (which was the basis for most of the movies), but he also wrote The New Mutants, my favorite comic when I was a kid, so I brought down New Mutants #1 for an autograph.

The line was slow because Claremont apparently wants to have a 5-minute chat with everyone who comes to his table, and as if he could read my mind and detect my ongoing writers block, started talking to me about how to come up with a story, basically start with something mundane but then add something so that there needs to be a reaction, then once that gets resolved introduce another twist and continue. Maybe it works best for comics, but it did strike me as something I needed to remember. Then he talked to my daughter about a story she's writing about post-apocalytic werewolves and he suggested adding zombie apes, so he was just an awesome guy to talk to all around.
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Work: My test environment is writing database traces and I have NO idea how it got turned on (it should be off by default when the environment is built) and I have not yet figured out the correct combination of "user / password / database / command" to turn it off. Naturally all the help is written under the assumption that the user has access to a UI.

Life: the stress over the possibility that spouse will be unemployed caused a severe asthma flare-up. It also clearly underscored that I need to be switched to a different maintenance inhaler AND if at all possible my doctor needs to prescribe Ventolin HFA ONLY as the other generic albuterol brands are utter garbage. I would very much like to stay out of the ER this year. And fuck insurance for pulling the maintenance med that actually worked from the covered list and making it next to impossible to get an exception.
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I also went birding this weekend and took my new Nikon B600 with me to try to get pictures of what we see. I got a couple of pics worth saving. I got about 70 worth deleting :)
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Last night I returned from an epic two-week adventure in Raja Ampat, where I snorkeled for 4-5 hours every day, along with 8 other fellow travelers, and lived in a small berth on a traditional Indonesian schooner. Fantastic fellowship, fish, coral, and island landscapes characterized every single day. Highlights included swimming alongside a friendly, curious baby manta ray with a 7 foot wingspan and seeing a blue whale, which more than made up for the many jelly fish stings and the horrendously long voyage (each way entailed 4 planes totaling 30 hours in the air and about 18 waiting in between flights, but I went the long way around to save money). I also swam across the equator, which may be useful in future games of "Two Truths and a Lie." My bed and shower have never been so appreciated!
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fuck asthma.
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In a thing that isn't worthy of a full FPP but I feel is pretty remarkable, Frankie Goes To Hollywood are reuniting, the original five of Holly, Paul and The Lads, to perform Welcome To The Pleasuredome at Eurovision. Because they're a Liverpool band and Liverpool is hosting the contest this year. They've been rehearsing, and they did a quick preview last night.

Saw them on tour in Germany for their second and last album. Never ever ever ever thought I'd see all five of them on one stage performing together again.

Maybe they'll have fun and do something for Pleasuredome's 40th Anniversary next year!
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I can put away my emotional poopiecushion from last week’s free thread because the D&D session I dm’d this weekend went about as well as it possibly could have, once the communication grumbles got ironed out, so now my future looks a little more like it has some future in it.

Onward and upward.
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Hello, monday. You are welcome.

Also, I kinda didn't want to get into the whole dentist thing last week but it is fine: Noone will die of starvation or blood poisoning! Good job, mefis!

Countess Elena: I like your dad. Please make sure to treat him well. I had a landlady once, 80+, she once told me she'd probably not be around for two weeks: Tomorrow she'd check herself in for similar repairs by bus ride.

She came back fine. This kind of stuff, they're really good at now I think.

And while I'm doing thread topic meandering, maybe I should check up on that german Eurovision entry. They look fun. "Blood & Glitter" wait what?

Edit: I really liked Animal Flow ty
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I took today off as a mental health day since I had cast party last night, didn't get home till midnight, and ain't no way I was going to be up, sane, presentable, showered, and in the office today. They said I could do it, I'm doing it, stayed in bed till noon.

This weekend we put on Tony n' Tina's Wedding and had a blast. Things went very well overall. We had some drama the first night when people started the buffet line way too early and had such a crowd we had to cut a bunch of bits, but that got sorted the next night. I also note the first night was POURING ASS RAIN, but at least we were under a tent. (I was told the owner of the venue was originally upset we weren't using his stage, not under the tent, but was very relieved we didn't.) There's also two black cats that live at the venue and one of them wandered its way through the show, which was hilarious since this is a disaster wedding. (Alas, couldn't get the cat to do the same the other two nights.) We also had a water aerobics group come and bring pool noodles, which they waved in the air. And two people brought their cute doggies-- one castmate's mom came all three days with the family Chihuahua wrapped in fabric burrito and it was cute as heck.

Saturday night was dry, but we did have a Drunk Guy (he'd been drinking outside all day) act weird towards the bride and then finally decided to run through our bridal tunnel of people. He was quickly whooshed out of there and the venue employees Took Care Of Him, so that worked out. No particular crazy Sunday other than a bird flying into the tent. We had a few former castmates come to check stuff out, which was fun, and we did birthday things for the cast member with a Saturday birthday. Had the party last night and it was excellent.

I'm sad to see this show go because it is SO MUCH FUN. I met some awesome people and reunited with other ones, and I had a blast playing the showiest bridesmaid. Now I'm out of shows for a bit. The next two coming up are Much Ado About Nothing at this theater in a few weeks and Something Rotten at the end of June. Even though Much Ado has very few women parts (something we all grumble about), I may try for it anyway and then if I don't get in, do Something Rotten. At least at this point I'm on good terms with the director since I just played his fake girlfriend, so we'll see.
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NPR correspondent Daniel Estrin interviews Daniel Estrin, with special guest Daniel Estrin.

This is very good indeed. Extremely silly.

So if the Daniels Estrin had a falling out, would they be said to be estringed?

/i'll get me coat ...
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I used to teach elementary and middle school in a boys' prep school, for 25 years. Lately, I've been working through my old blogs and my handwritten journals to write a little memoir for my kid, and from time to time I come across the name of one of my students back then and I wonder how they're doing, so I do a search.

Sometimes I can't find anything, and I wonder if they're okay. Other times, I find them on LinkedIn and they're lawyers, executives, doctors, or pharmacists.

Today, I came across the name of one boy and was delighted to find out that he's just the same now as he was in sixth grade. Yes, he was quite a character as a sixth grader.
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A little hummingbird (I think) flew right by me this evening as I was sitting on the deck. It had a black head and a red body. And that's all I could see as it whizzed by.

My co-teacher got me a purple cat figurine (my favorite color and animal). I put it next to the little votive thingie I have in remembrance of our cats who have crossed over the rainbow bridge.
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It has warmed up enough in southeast Alaska that I have moved my dahlias, which i started indoors, outside to start hardening off. I'm a little worried that some of them may have grown too large and fragile indoors but we'll see how they do and if necessary I'll cage them when I transplant to larger pots. They're the showpieces in my annual container garden and I've got quite a variety started this year so I'm happy to move them on to their next stage.
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Recently I converted a no longer working electric blanket into an ordinary blanket that will be useful for many years yet, and made two ribbon necklaces (one for me, and one for my grandniece's fourteenth birthday).
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I have a new client who requested I send a sample chapter edit before diving into the whole project. I just got back her comments on my sample, and they’re all highly critical, including the one where she tells me to make sure my comments on the manuscript aren’t overly critical.
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First hummingbird of the season at the feeders today! Huzzah, huzzah!
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(The snowstorm of pine pollen will be along in about 36 hours, alas.)
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And then, spend 6 beautiful hours driving on mostly cracked, sometimes outright broken roads through absolutely glorious scenery punctuated by stark scenes of absolutely horrifying rural poverty.

Well, damn, you almost but not quite drove right by my house on the Olympic Peninsula!

It kind of looks like a dump from the outside and, well, yes, some of us are very poor but we have vegetables and nice people and lots of food and a really nice well and water and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world.

Though you probably went up the OR and WA coast straight to Port Angeles and the ferry, which, uhm, yeah, Forks and Aberdeen and Long Beach is crazy depressing and way less chill.

On the other hand I have been tempted to swim or paddle to Canada and ask for asylum, especially for Victoria and Vancouver Island, so you're not wrong about that.
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Today marked my three-year anniversary with my kidney. I’m so glad to be here.

I love you all.
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I hope your kidney took you out for a nice dinner and bought you something nice made of leather. Or crystal. The lists are conflicting for anniversary gifts.
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I split the difference and asked for a leather chandelier….
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I'm feeling a bit unmoored by Elon's announcement that he's going to delete inactive Twitter accounts. I have several friends who had Twitter accounts who have died. Their accounts stand as part of their existence on this planet. But he's going to delete my friends from Twitter. I feel sad about this.
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@hippybear - Elon doesn't follow through on most of what he says when it comes to Twitter, so it may be fine. Just in case it's not, maybe download their timelines so they can be archived somewhere? I found this on a quick search -
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The 2023 Pulitzer Prizes were announced yesterday, and barely made a blip in the news cycle, so here you go, in case you were wondering.

I will shamelessly pat myself on the back for totally calling one of them with a MeFi FPP I made almost 17 months ago. See my brilliant prognostication in the last line of the post.
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I've been guiltily toying with cancelling my gym membership - it's $85 a month, and I'm not using it all that much (as close as it is, it's still a tiny bit out of my way to get there); most of my activity these days is coming from my all-walking commute. But I still wanted to keep SOME kind of membership on hand for when the weather is colder and it's too dark to walk home.

...And then my company's HR office announced that they had just made a deal with a gym literally next to my office, such that they would pay half the cost of a monthly membership for all our employees. My out-of-pocket costs are about $50 a month less than what I'm paying now. They don't have weekend hours, but they are LITERALLY next door to my office so I kind of can't complain there.

....I'm going to bite the bullet and cancel my current gym membership this weekend. I'm taking this as a cosmic sign.
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Technically we're not supposed to talk politics in free threads, but I think that can be an exception.

(I have the DOONESBURY panel of Mark Slackmeyer yelling, "That's GUILTY! GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY!" permanently bookmarked for posting on such occasions.)
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Sorry, I got carried away. Someone should probably FPP that so we can silo that talk out.
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Okay, I did the thing.
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The saga with my ex husband's ashes continues. Cliff Notes Version: ex died unexpectedly on April 2, age 58 (chronic alcohol use one of the contributing factors). Our two grown sons are his next of kin; none of us have seen him since 2007. He lived in Las Vegas; we are in NJ. He lived with his father whom I never met and who was no help whatsoever. We made the decision to have him cremated and sent here, and when we get the VA stuff situated, we'll have him laid to rest back in Nevada in a veterans cemetery.

Three weeks ago the crematory called us that Ex was "processed". We figured he'd be shipped within the next couple of days.

Two weeks ago the crematory called and said he was "back with them" and would be shipped "soon". No idea where he was for a week but I hope he had fun.

This past week, on May 3rd. I received an email with a shipping label, saying he was in priority shipping and would arrive on the 4th.

Nothing on the 4th, but a new email saying he'd arrive on the 5th. Older son was only working half a day and would be home.

On the 5th, a note on the door that they tried to deliver, but no one was home to sign for him. Mind you, our post office is only open 10 to 4:30, and we all work those hours usually. So I reschedule delivery for today.

And now..... younger son waited all day. ALL. DAY. Nothing. No one came. No email updates. Nothing. I've sent an email to open an inquiry.

This is just like this pain in the butt man....never on time, and making life difficult on the rest of us. (joke/not really)
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My therapist's mom's ashes got lost in the mail too.

This sounds like UPS hell to me. They wouldn't ever deliver, or knock even if you were home, I literally had to camp outside my door in November once.
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just read on reddit that rita lee passed away - story here
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I made a last minute decision to go into the office today. I forgot to check the major league baseball team schedule before leaving the house. There is a game at 12:35 today. My office is a block from the stadium.

It was a nice drive at any rate.
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Dooce died. We went to high school together, even dated once (zero chemistry, but stayed friends). We stayed in touch for years, as we were both OG bloggers, though I bugged out early. We would check in every few years but even that died out around eight or ten years ago. I saw her heel turn into TERFdom a while back and wrote her off, but hoped maybe one day she'd come around. 25 years is a long time to be friends.

I don’t know how I feel about all these posts I’m seeing now saying that Dooce’s death feels like the end of an era.

I mean, she essentially ran herself into the ground juggling that voice of a microgeneration thing. Maybe don't shovel that into her open grave.
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Okay, let's talk about literally anything else.

I'm taking all of my conference calls from a hammock today, so that's something.
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I have a doctors' appointment and needed to leave early today. I had alerted my boss about it last week, but I totally forgot the appointment between then and about 5:30 this morning.
Fortunately my boss is super-cool and didn't even need the reminder anyway.

UN-fortunately, this would happen to be the day that I learned we have to somehow create work stations for 9 new people, in a company where a) people are used to their offices being just the way they like them and b) we aren't allowed to buy any more furniture for the time being. So this whole morning has been a two-hour daisy chain of me wandering around to different rooms and asking people, "so, that desk in that corner...can I move it to this other room over there?...." or "so that desk with the tools on it. Can we find another place for the tools and put a person there?"

I've also had to do things like "I can get the desk from room A and move it to room B but only if I replace it with a table from room C because the people in room A were going to put something ON that desk, and they say the shelf in room D won't work....but hang on, if I give the shelf from room D to the people in room E, they can clear off the spare desk that I need for in THERE, and that would also clear space in room D that we need for the desk I'm moving from room F."

I think I've pulled it off. There's one person that I'm going to have to have my boss talk to and persuade her that "no, you can NOT occupy all three of the desks in this office, you are going to have to relinquish one to an intern twice a week and that's final."
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Start referring to her as "Anna 'Three Desks' Jackson".
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I have come here to confess something TOTALLY DUMB I just did....I think I managed the fallout well enough, but I still am feeling super-idiotic.

So I am managing communication for our community garden. Part of that involves periodically checking our web site to see if we have any people who are interested in joining. This morning, I saw two people who were interested - let's call them Dick and Jane. I sent out a standard followup email to Dick and Jane, telling them the basics, and then I went to work. When I got to work, I saw Dick had responded, with Jane in copy, saying "yay, I'm in, I don't need a plot, tell me how to pay the membership."

But - I forgot Jane was a separate person who'd been copied on my email, and I assumed Jane was Dick's wife or something. So I wrote back, with our treasurer "Sally" in copy, saying "yay! So, Sally, Dick and Jane are going to join us on an at-large basis; let me know when they've paid. And then - Dick and Jane, I'll add you both to the email list and if you drop by on Sunday I'll show you around."

It wasn't until right after I sent that email that I remembered that JANE WAS A SEPARATE PERSON, and that Dick must have just hit "reply all".

I immediately sent an email just to Jane and Sally saying "uh....whoops, I forgot I sent that email to TWO people this morning. So....Jane, if you want to get a plot you still can, and if you're in, just use the same payment details I told Dick. Sally - Jane would be a SEPARATE account if she joins us. Apologies for the confusion, and I blame the fact that I'm trying to cut out caffeine."

Insofar as mistakes go it was minor, and insofar as damage control goes I think it was okay, I just feel really dumb right now.
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The Chargers made their schedule announcement anime again, the pack of weebs.

Not sure what is the funniest part: Bill Belichek as Father, Detroit Pochita warning about gambling, or Anime Felonious KC Furry Superfan.

(Yes, that last one was a real thing, and it was one of the most bizzare NFL stories last season.)
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Oh, and making the bye week a Hunter X Hunter reference is as deep as it is cold.
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Today I had lunch with a longtime professional associate, a man who knows the business of editing and publishing books inside out. I told him about the novel I have on the go, which I'm enjoying writing, but that is an extremely odd duck of a thing that I have always assumed would barely see the light of day, because I couldn't imagine many people being interested in reading it. I expected that he would see it the same way and would laugh and cringe with me over how absurdly unsellable it is. Instead he told me it's totally marketable and that he will help me find an agent and/or a publisher for me, and that if that's not possible, publish it for me.

I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the idea that I might actually make money out of this project.
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I can't even imagine that level of amazing IRL, orange swan! Jealous!

It's the best weekend of the year here: big ol' hippie fest and town celebration on same day. I bought a tie dye dress, three tie-dye tops, a screenwriter top, and a necklace saying knitting is my superpower. It's been a chill, fun afternoon and hopefully rest of the weekend is same.
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