The Ghost Dog Principle
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This is a lovely essay that works on so many levels. Can any human really understand another? Translation is hard for all the reasons stated, but every act of communication is an attempt at translation. I think that’s what Ghost Dog is ultimately about.

Anyway, it’s one of my very favorite films and it’s a damn shame it’s so hard to find on streaming services.
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Interesting essay. Love that movie and most of Jarmusch's work. It's streaming on HBO right now if you have that .
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Essay that needs an editor. The film is streaming on HBO Max.
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It's streaming on HBO right now if you have that

AAAUGH THANK YOU. I loved Ghost Dog the one time I had a chance to see it (thanks, Netflix DVDs), and I've been looking for it to watch again.
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I may not have an endless supply of ice cream to distribute, but I still recognize their ways of showing love from my own life. It is that recognition that lets me trust Ghost Dog when, in a late, climactic scene, he delivers a monologue about the old ways to Raymond, ending it by saying, “I know you understand me. I know you understand me.”

This is really good.
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Essay that needs an editor.
Nope, it's good.
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Another movie I really should watch again.
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A thoughtful, lucid essay. Thanks for sharing.
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Ghost Dog also streams on Criterion Channel. (It's in the Stranger Than Paradise: 8 Films by Jim Jarmusch collection along with Permanent Vacation, Stranger Than Paradise, Down By Law, Mystery Train, Night on Earth, Dead Man, and Coffee and Cigarettes.)
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Samurai Showdown,

Full Ghost Dog OST

which has that one track you remember
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Forest Whitaker is really great, but maybe this is the movie he's best in.
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I had a friend some time ago that I almost always disagreed with on movie tastes. I thought Ghost Dog was one of the best movies to come out in (checks notes) 1999, and was openly mocked for holding this viewpoint. Something something boring something no dialogue something stupid movie, LOL. I was thinking I'd like to see it again, so I'm glad to know it's available on HBO Max. Will pay attention to the RZA soundtrack more this time. I loved the pace, the depth, the whole movie, really.
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Forest Whitaker is really great, but maybe this is the movie he's best in.

You mean, better than Fast Times at Ridgemont High? !!! /s
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Ice cream vendor Isaach de Bankolé also stars in Jarmusch's The Limits of Control (yt trailer) which I'm a big fan of. It's "an action movie without action" and includes an amazing flamenco scene seemingly for little reason other than to have an amazing flamenco scene.
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Sometimes you gotta stick with the ancient ways. The old school ways.

Burial? I like them and all, but.....the meditation/workout scene, with the actual music.
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Great essay. Also, whenever I sit down and have a good long think about my favorite soundtracks, Ghost Dog inevitably appears at the top of the list.
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For those who liked the Ghost Dog score, but didn't otherwise follow Wu Tang and its side projects, Liquid Swords (GZA feat. RZA). More along lines of 'Samurai Showdown,' (versus RZA's crate-digging atmospherics).
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I've played the licensed RPG, which ended with a new "made man" succeeding at his criminal task but losing everything he cared about in the process, which I thought was quite appropriate.
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Ghost Dog is on my personal best list that I've learned not to share. My father persists in calling it ninja pidgeon.
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Yeah, Jarmusch's work is maybe not for everyone.
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Incredible film, and one of my favorites. I remember getting pissed at some chump laughing at the trailer in the theatre. I was already a Jim Jarmusch fan by then, so I was stoked to see he had a new movie coming out and didn't think the trailer was funny or goofy or whatever. In retrospect, I can see why that dude laughed ("Forest Whitaker is a samurai hit man for the mob" is a description most folks would find amusing, to say the least, and the bit with the mobsters repeating his name is hilarious), but I hope he eventually saw the movie and found out how awesome it is.

I dug the essay, too. As a translator myself, I really appreciate Meyer's approach, which is a lot more thoughtful than my own (or at least more self-reflective).

"Power equality."
"Always see everything."
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> it’s a damn shame it’s so hard to find on streaming services

It appears to have been scooped up, like many films, by HBO Max (or whatever the f they are calling themselves this week).

For a while it was on Kanopy (which many with access to good public or university library accounts can take advantage of) and I re-watched it then, but it's gone from there now -- though several other great Jarmusch films are still on Kanopy.
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This is the track that has been on my top playlist for twenty years or so... Raise ya SWOHRDS
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So viewing order?:
Dead Man
Ghost Dog
Only Lovers Left Alive

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Dead Man
Only Lovers Left Alive
Ghost Dog

Always finish with Ghost Dog.
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Just watched Ghost Dog last night!
Got it from the library here in Montana.
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