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Perhaps you only know Bridget Everett from her HBO series Somebody Somewhere, a quiet meditative piece about small town life. Maybe this is the Bridget you want to have in your head always. If that's the case, be sure NOT to watch her 2015 cabaret special Bridget Everett: Gynecological Wonder [47m], a completely raunchy musical journey that you won't want to share with your parents. Songs about fellatio and on-stage costume changes and so much more!
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I knew she was cabaret-famous but hadn't seen any of this. Wowee!!
posted by Lookinguppy at 1:14 PM on May 25

Bridget Everett Is Larger Than Life (The New Yorker, Dec. 27, 2021; Wayback Machine)
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Thank you, hippybear. I needed that today.
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This is the only version of her I knew about. Is there a wholesome side?
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I love her by the way.
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There is, I hear, an HBO series called Somebody Somewhere, reportedly a quiet meditative piece about small town life.
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I *only* know her from Joe's Pub cabaret and a supporting role on an HBO series I've forgotten the name of but mostly live shows (where I've absolutely gotten my crotch consensually grabbed) so the idea of her less brassy side is going to take some getting used to.
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There is, I hear, an HBO series called Somebody Somewhere, reportedly a quiet meditative piece about small town life.

As a huge fan of the new show, I'm happy to share that it is also incredibly, hilariously raunchy as well as quiet and meditative.
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I knew her first from Somebody Somewhere, so when I pulled up her cabaret on youtube, I basically did a cartoon double take.
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Thanks for the link; I've read a lot about Everett but didn't think to search for the cabaret, which I'd never seen. That said, I am a bit confused how any of it could be *that* surprising to fans of the show. There's so much of this cabaret character in Everett's character Sam, who spontaneously breaks out into songs very similar to "What do I gotta do to get that dick in my mouth" just sitting in the car in the morning. Hell, in the season 1 finale "Mrs. Diddles", everyone except sober Fred is high as hell on edibles and playing poker as Joel reveals he's read Sam's high school songs and gets her to bust out "Put your dick away," which she does in full cabaret style. The lyrics:

When I come home at the end of the day
My fingers are down to the bone
My back is aching don't there be no mistaking
I'm gonna call my girl on the phone
Then I'll pour a glass of wine I'm gonna take my time
I'm gonna get my shit relaxed
And when I say it's fucking time you're gonna lick my valentine
And don't forget the crack

Put your dick!
Put your dick!
Put your dick away, oh [inserts beer bottle in mouth]
[all together] Put your dick! Put your dick! Put your dick awaaaaay!

That's just one example. She and Joel are routinely raunchy as hell with each other, including that hilariously cringe-worthy food-poisoned diarrhea phone conversation, or Sam finding out last week that Tricia's "Lying Cunt" throw pillow had gone viral (thanks to an Insta post from Amy Sedaris lol) and trying to convince her not to be embarrassed about it but to lean in and make more, listing them as her sister cracks up and walks away:

Think of it, you could do "princess cunt," you could do "pretty cunt," you could do "super cunt," "cunt crew," "live laugh cunt," "new cunt who dis," oh my god, 'big and juicy cunt"...

The show's filled with completely raunchy scenes like that, which perfectly balance the "quiet and meditative" bits. Again, thanks for the cabaret link, but I'm not sure how anyone who's seen the show could be at all surprised by Bridget Everett's previous act. Sam easily rivals Roman Roy in the Best Bawdy Shit-Mouthed Character Emmy contest.
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Bridget is from my hometown, Manhattan Kansas, which is the setting for Somebody Somewhere. Her seemingly enormous family (who utilized every "Br--" name in the book) lived a block away and went to my grade school and high school, where they dominated sports and music. She was a talented, big-personalitied kid, the kind who gets cast as a background kid in the high school musical and steals the show. Her dad was the mayor and in the state legislature, her mom was completely charming and famously drunk. I adore that Bridget grew up to be known for both cabaret and a sweet portrayal of her hometown. The kid she was is still very easy to see in her adult self, however raunchy that may be. A truly good soul.
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I can't be the only one who discovered her via her startling cameo in Inside Amy Schumer
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