"AI interpretation went somewhat askew."
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TSN producer claims attempt at an AI-generated commercial did not, uh, go as intended.

Link to watch it here too.
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I feel like the WGA can just turn up to negotiations with the studios with this video, explain that they're about to see a commercial generated with the latest AI technology, and then, after it's played, say, "so, this is what you're planning on having instead of writers".
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This is an illustration of an AI "hallucinating." Certainly, I felt like I was hallucinating while watching it.
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Seems like a pretty basic error of the AI confusing Blue Jays fans with Cubs fans.
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CGI = Computer Generated Idiocy.
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I'm scaring my cats I'm cackling so hard
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I dunno looks like a normal day walking down Yonge St back when Rob Ford was in charge
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Every time I see one of these AI-generated videos, I can't decide whether I'm grateful that I've never taken LSD, or remorseful that I've never tried LSD.
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I’m sure this is a deliberate stunt, but like all of these stunts I am happy to watch it
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This is *exquisite*. It only gets funnier on rewatch as you pick up more and more details.
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Unironically a better argument for 'AI art' as art ('''art''') then all the more ostensibly respectable attempts at the three letter words from techbros with such a myopic conception of the twrm.
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Dont know about you, but I'm buying me some Blue Jay's tix now.
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I seriously can't breathe, and it's not this time because of the air quality.
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I wonder if I can buy a shirt with that generated logo on it.
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Someone was selling shirts with the logo. I'm not sure if they still are.
It reminds me of a picture by an AI posted on Reddit, which looked fine, if you just glanced at it, but the more you looked at it, the more wrong you saw.
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Lovecraft could not understand this nonsense, how banal it is
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Y'know, I'd actually watch commercials willingly if they were all at least this unhinged. Rule #1 of advertising is to be unforgettable, and I guarantee anyone who watches that will not forget it, or "lets go Blue Jays" echoing through their mind during the dénouement of... whatever that was.
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When an AI can generate competitive YTP, I'll be worried.
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The word that kept going through my mind as I watched the video was CREEPY.
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The line between human beings, and ketchup and mustard slushies, has never been so blurred.
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So it's interesting to see that the long-awaited sequel to Brian Yuzna's Society is apparently going to be a sports film.

Appropriate to set it in David Cronenberg's home town.
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It seems like this kind of "fake AI", right? I buy that the images were produced by AI using a really high number of human prompts of incredible specificity, but not that it was spit out whole.
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So I mean is this a pokerfaced comedy gambit from @JoshShiaman or backdoor astroturfing for @runwayml who would like to hint that they have an edge on their AI media competition with their slightly malevolent generalized AI program
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AI is the new flesh.
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Related: Pepperoni Hug Spot AI-generated ad. Also horrifying, but the tag line is actually sort of … good?
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I always wondered what baseball was like on the other side of the Event Horizon
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Mrs. Pardo watched with me on my third go-round. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe. She just kept exclaiming, "What is going on!? WHAT IS GOING ON!?"

Which made me laugh harder.

So beautiful. No notes.
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Ok, so hear me out:

These things heavily tickle the uncanny valley response, right? And prevailing theories about UV say that you can get to the south of the problem by making things more 'cartoony' (read: representational in an Understanding Comics kinda way). BUT basic intuition tells us that AI generated cartoons (or cartoon versions of...this) would be equally disturbing. Not that I wouldn't love to see some examples. But this seems to be a fruitful vector for improving AI and/or examining basic human aesthetics. At what level of abstraction does this imagery stop being nightmarish on a guttural level?

Worst case scenario, should make for some good music videos and probably act as a great time stamp for future folks.
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As someone who loves horror and just doesn't get spectator sports, I found this delightful.
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They forgot the "-fungus -cannibalism -bodyhorror" tags.

(I don't 100% know how these prompts work.)
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I knew that the Jays have managed to sell 215,650 hot dogs on their 4 Loonie Dog Nights but I didn't realize that all those hotdogs were laced with acid.
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At what level of abstraction does this imagery stop being nightmarish on a guttural level

I don't know if peoples' heads being enveloped together by ketchup-and-mustard smoothies while a child drinks a beer until his face melts and the stadium inexplicably explodes is realistically ever going to hit that point
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Every time I see one of these AI-generated videos, I can't decide whether I'm grateful that I've never taken LSD, or remorseful that I've never tried LSD.

This seems like a good prompt (heh) for something that - months later, so ancient in AI circles - remains my favorite example of human creative brilliance paired with the purest fucking acid trip flavor of generative art (NSFW in the “extremely brief flashes of acid trip nudity when the AI feedback loop hits a peak” sense, sound absolutely required fo fully appreciate).

So fucking good.
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(Worth noting: this is the kind of result you can get with a human thoroughly in the driver seat using generative AI as a glorified Photoshop Filter.)
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Hm. I had a look at the Blue Jays promotional days schedule, and didn't see Eldritch Horrors and Gouting Ichor Day.

But judging by the video, it might overlap with $1 Hot Dog Night?
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Look at the improvement in image quality for Midjourney compared to prior versions. And then look at the timeframe. I suspect this unintentional horror show stuff is a blip.
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OMG, this is great, and all the other AI commercials in the comments are satisfying an itch I didn't even know I had!
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Everyone who clicks has to do a sanity roll now
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From the "same 25 jokes" article:

when asked for a joke, ChatGPT frequently returns, "Why did the tomato turn red? / Because it saw the salad dressing."

Starter set for developing a Voight-Kampff test, maybe?
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Wow, they recovered the famous Event Horizon outtakes!

Researchers discover that ChatGPT repeats the same 25 jokes over and over

As most people do. Turns out the easiest way to beat the Turing test is a mirror with nothing behind it.
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When the brain matter explodes from the guy's ear, I think that may be my favorite part.

Or maybe the deformed child swilling beer. It's a tough call.
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Joe Biden and Trump Eating Spaghetti

AI generated porn sounds like a whole new genre now.
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I have never laughed so hard at something so terrifying
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I've laughed so hard every time I've watched this.

We'll see if the investors who follow FinGPT find it so amusing
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I hate to threadsit...

But I just can't stop reposting this everywhere and laughing...
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