June 6, 2000 10:46 AM   Subscribe redesigns Yet another bastion of "webbing like it's 1995" is gone. Nice, clean interface, but there's something really disorienting about a Philip Greenspun site changing so radically...
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It's been metafiltered:

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posted by pixelpony at 11:01 AM on June 6, 2000

Oh my god. Given all the times I've heard Philip Greenspun talk about how design usually gets in his way, how he likes the 1995 simplicity, and how he'd never, ever, ever use a FONT tag, I'm shocked at the new look.

He knows about and loves stylesheets, yet his own (and arsdigita's) sites don't use CSS. All I want to know is why...
posted by mathowie at 11:29 AM on June 6, 2000

It sux. PhilG violated almost every rule in his book with
this one. Well it's all about money.
posted by adieu at 1:06 PM on June 6, 2000

Phil? Money?

You've been hanging out *where*?

I dunno *what's* up here; late AFJ, maybe? Of course, WT is 301ing to ArsDigita Systems Journal, too. Maybe someone took over (took over *what?)...

I've already sent my bitch-o-gram to the new 'designer'. No reply.
posted by baylink at 1:38 PM on June 6, 2000

I've been a big fan of Phil's site for years. One of the projects I embarked upon once I got my cable modem was to actually download every single one of the FPX images in his public-domain FTP library of images. I was actually kind of sad when I finished.
posted by Steven Den Beste at 12:06 AM on June 7, 2000

The old was a disaster of poor organization. It was impossible to know where you were, where you could go, and what else you might be able to see.

The new design, while nothing special, is definitely an improvement. Still, he should keep the old site around for historical purposes.
posted by lockecito at 5:38 AM on June 7, 2000

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