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Michael Bush has a website about bees. Bush is an opinionated apiarist who espouses natural beekeeping, and has the kind of old school website you might expect.
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When I first started my current job ten years ago, I wasn't experienced enough to be given many tasks so I had time on my hands. This is exactly the kind of website I would come to Metafilter for. Someone would link a geocities-type page about, say, the history of toast, and I would read more details about toast than a person could imagine.

Thank you for this. I am about to become a bee expert, as time allows.
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This is my favorite beekeeping website. Michael Bush was hugely influential in my own development my personal hive management philosophy.
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I hope “natural beekeeping” doesn’t mean “doing it in the nude.”
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The part about cell width/volume and Varroa mites is really intriguing! Here's a link to one of the primary literature resources on that: link

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Wasps can suck it. Vicious, vicious little creatures. I rolled over onto one while I was sleeping and got the fun experience of being simultaneously numb and burning from one of those creatures.
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Wasps keep the population of other creepy crawlies in check, so I appreciate them.
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Oh crap, wrong thread. So sorry!!
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