The working name for Croönchy Stars cereal was "Stoopid Flakes"
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The wonderfully-named Muptown Funk makes a couple of fairly new video series: The Muppets Deep Dive and Muppet History Lesson. They offer comforting and entertaining information on Rowlf, Lew Zealand, the Muppets' Lipton Tea Ads, Thog, Walter, Croönchy Stars cereal, Danny Trejo(?), and Fully Operational Automated Tony Bennett. (Avg length 10 minutes)

Irrelevant aside: the Youtube URL for the video on Walter ends, completely randomly, with the text "Beemo," properly capitalized even, although not with Adventure Time's styling of "BMO."
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Oh, Walter. Oh, Jason Segal. Oh, That Movie.

You renewed a hope within me. A feeling that maybe this horrible soulless corporation that cares only about money had perhaps refound one small part of its heart, the part that probably matters the most to me across its vast empire. That movie, not the best of the Muppet movies, but still The Muppets not only in title but also in spirit, affected me deeply enough that my husbear was worried about me in the theater. But above all, with that movie, I Felt Seen.

And then... yeah, burning trash barrel, dumpster fire... Fuck you, Disney.
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hippybear I agree in general, but you might want to check into The Muppets Mayhem. It was a lot of fun!
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Maybe if I can pirate it. I'm not giving Disney money at the moment.
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Strong Agree about Muppets Mayhem, actually a lot of fun.
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In the Navy was my introduction to the Muppets -- I had nodded off while the show, which I had never watched, was on and the song came on, I thought Wha? and sat up to watch. I was a fan for life. When the show went into syndication, KOMO TV had stripped it at 7:30 PM. People started putting their toddlers to bed with it on and when they pulled the plug on it, boy, did they hear from angry parents.
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We're doing a sequel
How hard can it be?
We can't do any worse than The Godfather: 3

Aw, Rowlf is my favorite, too.
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On Muppets Mayhem, there's lots of great moments, but my favorite was probably, when they had Peter Jackson on as a cameo, they actually made a reference to Meet The Feebles. That's how I know the Muppets still got it.
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Goddamnit I miss Croonchy Stars. That was good shit.
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Rowlf's version of New York State of Mind off Ol' Brown Ears is Back is legit better than the Billy Joel version.
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Somewhere I still have the Croonchy Stars card game.
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Just here to say my friend and I got really into croonchy stars when I was in 6th grade.
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Well, I've started watching Muppets Mayhem, and I will say through the first episode it hasn't made me hate it.

But it unfortunately falls into the trap of centering the human characters and not the Muppets. Maybe it gets better as it goes, but right now the main character seems to be a human woman. Why isn't it a Muppet? I don't know why this seems appealing. Maybe it's having money attached to the actor helps get it into production? -shrug-
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Yeah, a number of reviewers have said that about it as well. The human characters at least I don't think are awful.

Also, to warn you, near the end of the series there is an episode about social media that, considering recent events, hasn't aged well.
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