The Megaball needs your help.
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The Megaball needs your help. Mouser is still building the almighty Megaball, and every rubber band counts. It looks impressive, especially the catscan. Only you can help the Megaball.
posted by mathowie (4 comments total)
Well, all right. A good cause to which to donate the snarled contents of my junk drawer. I can send him about a pound.

posted by Fenriss at 7:16 AM on June 7, 2000

I used to work w/ Mouser (so did Kottke). If you've never heard one of those things bounce on a floor, oh my, it makes the weirdest low pitch sound. So cool. I can't believe he's still adding to the thing.
posted by vitaflo at 8:14 AM on June 7, 2000

I've got a rubber band that's about an inch wide and probably 12 feet long. I wonder how long before Mouser needs it?

Should I send it to him?
posted by camworld at 4:24 PM on June 7, 2000

Oh man, a 12' rubberband. *drool*

The ball is so large now that very few of the rubberbands
people send me can fit around it. I've had to spawn a whole
family of smaller rubberband balls (total of 4 currently).
A 12' rubberband would make you my new best friend. :)

And if you send it to me, I promise to update the stats
(they're a year old now. It has grown significantly).

Oh, and thanks for the publicity, mathowie, whoever you are.

posted by Mouser at 5:42 PM on June 7, 2000

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