Mayan Stairway reveals a longer chapter of missing history.
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Mayan Stairway reveals a longer chapter of missing history. New glyphs revealed by a hurricane at Dos Pilas, Guatemala, tell of "the attack on Dos Pilas by Calakmul in this powerful kingdom’s strategy to control the river trade routes between the Maya Lowlands and the Highlands of Guatemala in the Southwestern Petén and the resulting Dos Pilas’ acceptance of a subservient role in this affair." Same report in Spanish. There is also a weak New York Times report.
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A fabulous related blog: The Daily Glyph.

A quick summary of Mayan history.

A site filled with links an information about Mesoamerica, Mesoweb.
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Wow! It's amazing that stuff gets buried like that. Who knows what we haven't seen around the world because we've either built on top of it or nature has just taken it over (like in this case; check out pictures 1, 2 & 8 from the report).

Thanks for the links!
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More stuff about the Maya at
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And, um, more at National Geographic
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There are some more photos of Dos Pilas at
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