Isn't It Nice To Make A Thing?
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Over the summer, comedian, musician, and voice actor Kate Micucci of Garfunkel & Oates (NSFW... also an ancient previously), Steven Universe, and one of my personal PBS Kids favs, Nature Cat, committed some light vandalism on what she thought was a temporary fence around a construction site. As it turns out, she had marked up the walls of what was to become a restaurant. She chronicled her attempt to square her trespass with the establishment on her TikTok, and as with most things she does, it is extremely adorable.
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'Cuz Draw can lead to Graffiti
And Graffiti can lead to Art...
Sure as a restaurant starts,
I'd really like to Art you

(I miss Scrubs)
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if you haven't seen Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! she is Velma & there are some pretty actually great gags, was well worth subscribing to Boomerang for a month & living through the gifs of Scooby-Doo sobbing that they emailed me when I canceled
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CRIME is OUT OF CONTROL in NYC while the DA goes after your favorite blah blah blah
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That was sweet and very welcome too early on a Saturday morning. Thanks!
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comedian, musician, and voice actor Kate Micucci

Non-voice actor as well: she had the principal role in an instalment of Guillermo del Toro’s recent anthology series.
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Kate Micucci is welcome to come draw on my house ANY TIME. Maybe inside too! I can supply markers.
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Non-voice actor as well

I had no idea that del Toro was bringing back silent films!
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She's also been putting out music videos recently. This one about grocery stores has been living rent free in my head for a few days.
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