An annotated bibliography on weblogs & blogging
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An annotated bibliography on weblogs & blogging A l blog site on blogging. History, uses, development, articles etc. with a very large list of links to all aspects of blogging.
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When I started writing daily posts, I didn't know anyone else that was doing it. I was "taking a break" from those types of posts (how original, in hindsight) before Blogger was registered in summer 1999.

I'm sure there are hundreds just like me who never made the pages of blog history, but don't care. The question is, will anyone care that the history we're feverishly recording is full of holes?
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I think a blog is a bad format for that kind of resource. Why is that on blogspot? Also, doesn't Weblog Madness cover this stuff a little better? Perhaps a yahoo-style blog directory is in order for the people interested in this sort of thing.
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It's odd, yes, because it breaks the blog template and doesn't actually blog at all. I can see a running blog about this sort of thing, especially with commentary, but just putting a resource site on blogspot seems a poor choice of tools. The pullquotes are a nice touch, which gives it a blog-like flavor, though.

For comparison: Open Directory Weblog category; Blogroots Resource page. One can argue relative merits of each; there's certainly value in a personally edited, well-focused list, value that won't be found in a group format.

The main problem, ultimately, is that personal resource lists tend to dry up as interest flags or life intrudes or the blog world just grows too large too fast to keep up with. This list hasn't been updated in nearly four months -- a lifetime. Even though personal lists are better at noting and excising link rot.
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Hooray, a look back at time-dated topical commentary!!
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