UnitedHealth sued over use of algorithm to deny care for MA members
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Article here. Ninety percent of the algorithm’s denials have been overturned upon appeal. UnitedHealth has used the tool since at least 2019. One has to wonder how many people have experienced unwarranted expenses because they didn't appeal.
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Thanks for sharing this. Literally can’t rn read bc I will die of a rage stroke.
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I mean, I got to here:

“One beneficiary, 91-year-old Gene Lokken, fractured his leg and ankle after a fall in spring 2022, and was admitted to a skilled nursing facility to recover.

UnitedHealth cut off Lokken’s coverage after two-and-a-half weeks at the facility, against the advice of his physicians, according to the suit. His family was forced to pay out-of-pocket for his care — up to $14,000 a month — until Lokken passed away one year later.”
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