Brids, Sfish and other Amals
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Neat! Bird giraffe was pretty cool; I never thought of that combo.
posted by donuy at 1:22 PM on November 30, 2023 [1 favorite]

I love it! Some of the creepiest ones are of similar types, e.g. eagle head on chicken body, brontosaurus head/neck on gecko body, etc.
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One of my favorite parts of being a parent was going through these kinds of books with my kids--although there was one, with a variety of face-parts, that used to freak my younger kid out, so we had to be careful with that one, but the animal ones were always welcome. So this is a very nostalgic project! I'm alternately enraptured/terrified by the cassowary with a rhino head that just appeared, though.
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(oh also I wanted to mention a word of thanks to dng for providing the source for the illustrations--that looks like a great place to spend a few hours poking around!)
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Excellent, thanks for posting this, curious nu, and thanks for looking at it/liking it, everyone else.

I got really into making randomisers/generators this year, so if you want more of this sort of thing you might like an abundance of beasts (makes endless medieval bestiary creatures) and endless knights (makes endless Arthurian knights). There’s a bunch of other ones too at my page, if you want endless Shakespearean sonnets or shopping list haikus (among others). Cheers.
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Reminds me of a woman I follow on Twitter who lists her location as dembr, croddo.
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Mod note: [By the way, this has been added to the sidebar and Best Of blog (featuring The Majestic Snowyoctopowl!)]
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If you think this is cool and you like board games, you will love Darwin's Choice.

You get dealt cards with animal parts on them, and you have to put them together in weird combinations, just like this. Then your creations try to survive in a changing environment. The art is lovely and the results are often hilarious.
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