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21C Magazine Paul Miller (re-)launches an ambitious new magazine. Looks promising with such "Confirmed Regular Contributors" as Howard Bloom, Alex Burns, Erik Davis (yay!), Samuel Delaney, William Gibson, Jaron Lanier, Rudy Rucker, Douglas Rushkoff, R.U. Sirius, Bruce Sterling, and Margaret Wertheim :)
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specifically! via nettime :)
posted by kliuless at 8:58 PM on September 22, 2002

Whoah... there go my next few hours. Thanks for the link, kliuless.
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I heart Paul Miller.
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I was very excited when I discovered this relauch two months ago. Unfortunately, the website hasn't added a new article since that discovery. I hope Spooky stays with this one. I miss ArtByte....
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Interesting, but it has a whiff of MONDO 2000 about it (R.U. Sirius as 'confirmed regular contributor', Jason Lanier article, graphic of girl with reflective visor covering the top half of her face). Not that there's anything wrong with that! I await the Harold Bloom piece eagerly, that should be interesting.
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Plunderphonics goes online in the zeros. If the Internet is the new street, then the cutup or bootleg is the sound pouring out of the boomboxes. Uploadphonix, the uploading of bootlegs and cutups, is the first musical movement born post peer-to-peer sharing technology and in large part, because of it. On the surface uploadphonix seems to use the net only as a convenience of distribution, but really it is a movement of creative exchange and reestablishing the aura that is lost in all pop (by pop I mean popular; heavy rotation, unavoidable) music. In uploadphonix bedroom remixers offer up their sacrifices to the web in hope that the web will return to them creative responses and inspiration.


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These guys are cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet.
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Interesting list of authors, but:

"Imagine a 'hip' Harpers with amazing photography or a youthful New Yorker with stunning graphics and a modem. A forum for vanguard criticism, literary journalism and trendsetting design, 21C will be the late-night reading of extreme thinkers everywhere - intellectual thrillseekers who savor the vertigo that comes from leaning too far over the edge of the cultural abyss"

Totally x-treme! Maybe this was written by their marketing firm.
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there goes my morning etc etc
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I dunno something about Jaron Lanier (and I don't know what which is irritating in itself) just bugs the crap out of me.
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Seeing Gibson and Sterling together under the same cover again warms a dank little spot of my heart I thought had died.

*don's mirrorshades, pulls hit off Vasopressin inhaler, checks credit chit, hits street*
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crunchburger: I await the Harold Bloom piece eagerly, that should be interesting.

It would be interesting. I had the same thought. But then I realized this is Howard Bloom.
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or harvey blume! i get confused sometimes, too :)
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I have only read the "Devil's Playground" article. It's interesting, but I find their lack of links, or any effort to help the reader find a way to watch the movie, irritating.
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Wired in 1992?

I remember!

Sidewalk noodle joints under neon nightlight?

I remember!

Underground economies? Poisoned wells of jaded New World Order cynicism? Digital elites plotting futurist network hive-minds?

I remember it all! Yes! Yes! Give it to me!

The future?

I remember when this was the future.

What happened to the future?

I forget.
posted by rusty at 12:23 PM on September 23, 2002

Anyone remember reading a great comic about coming of age during the whole early 90s cyberpunk explosion. The style was similar to R. Crumb.
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euphorb: Yes. But I can't remember what it was called now.

Ah! There it is. The Guy I Almost Was. That's it exactly.
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I am so busted. By the way, I also got Jaron Lanier's name wrong.

The thing is, I actually read the post as 'Harold Bloom', and that informed my uptake of the mag as I fixed it with my cyber-gaze. It made me more favorably disposed toward it - I think it would be cool to get a cranky anti-pomo litcrit type to write for a digital culture magazine. Disappointing - it would be cool to get Harold Bloom.

Or was it Howard Rheingold?
posted by crunchburger at 4:14 PM on September 23, 2002

Harold Bloom is anti-porno? That's disappointing.
posted by bingo at 7:11 PM on September 23, 2002

He mentored Paglia - it's the anxiety of influence.
posted by crunchburger at 7:13 PM on September 23, 2002

or harvey blume!

or even Judy....Are You there admin? It's me Margaret.
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crunchburger! You casually make reference to the anxiety of influence! May you live to be a thousand years old!
posted by bingo at 11:36 AM on September 26, 2002

obligatory harold bloom link :) also an interview between jonathan franzen and ben greenman!
posted by kliuless at 5:42 PM on September 26, 2002

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