“I don’t know anyone who loves them.”
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Behold, the bin chicken: Sydney’s stinky, grimy but (mostly) beloved bird (WaPo gift link) Meet the Australian white ibis. It's not pretty, it smells bad, it poops huge, and it's always in your trash. Of course, some humans have now become fans of it, dressed like "sexy bin chickens," and made a rude song and a fake documentary about them, previously mentioned here in 2017.
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As an American who only knew ibises from books about Egyptian gods, it's been pretty funny to learn that they are regarded as a kind of raccoon-pigeon, behaving with all the inherent dignity thereto. Not sure why you would look at this bird and think: I bet he invented writing.
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We've got ibises down here in Florida and they're a delight. They roam around in packs, making little cooing noises and picking through the grass looking for food. And they're the only bird I've ever seen to stand on a telephone wire rather than sit our crouch. Total weirdos!
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I don't need this explained to me. I have a seven-year-old. I've seen Bluey.
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I actually do love them, but that might be easier to say as someone who’s only ever been a tourist in Sydney.
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I see your bin chicken and I raise you a trash panda.
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Marsh value tax would solve this.
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"First, Brett tried booting a football into the branches to scatter the birds, but in this game of bin chicken, the birds barely flinched."

Well played, WaPo.
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Yeah, since I left Central FL I miss seeing ibis wandering around parking lots. We had a group that used to hang around the McDonald's, where the resident cattle egret ate fries and rode around on top of cars in the drive-thru.
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A canada goose crossed with a seagull?
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Metafilter: “Bin chickens”....... “But sexy bin chickens.”
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I think they're beautiful.

Top comment on WaPo article FTW.

So, humans destroy the habitat of the ibis, The ibis adapts to eating the garbage we leave around, and people are very annoyed 🙄. I guess a good solution might be to stop destroying the habitat of animals that also have a right to exist.
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I am fascinated by the wild animals that show a high degree of adaptability to humans (raccoons, bears, pigeons, these bin chickens) vs the ones that just cannot withstand the encroachment of human settlements. like they just got lucky, I guess, that our garbage is interesting and sufficiently nourishing for them...
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I love the ones I have hung out with in florida, sharing bits of waffle cone with them while eating icecream. Having one of those beaks take food from your hand is like being cautiously attacked by chopsticks.
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Oh, and peacocks. They eat trash, and have adapted well to cul-de-sac life in FL. There's always someone willing to feed and protect them who doesn't mind the constant screaming. Basically noisy vainglorious turkeys.

Ibis are pretty chill. OTOH, pelicans and blue herons can mess you up (and one another)
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I like them too - they're just doing the best they can, and they do it well.

Bin Chickens 4 Life
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Having one of those beaks take food from your hand is like being cautiously attacked by chopsticks

brb, squatting on that as my new sockpuppet name
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There's always someone willing to feed and protect them who doesn't mind the constant screaming. Basically noisy vainglorious turkeys.

Birds who put all their stat points into Has No Chill and Has Yes Volume
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Ibis in cities are an absolute menace - they have learned how to open bins, so the lids of bins have to have a steel strap over them so they can only open almost enough to get a coffee cup in. They sneak up behind people sitting in parks having their lunch and steal food from them. If they can get into a bin, they'll pull everything out in search of food. It's not really fair to blame them, though, given we destroyed their natural habitat so they moved into wherever they could find food. Because food is now so plentiful, they've bred quickly and taken over pretty much every city park.

The 'bin chicken name' came from a meme-type thing going around a few years ago, positing that all birds were actually different varieties of chicken. So we have beach chickens (seagulls), swoopy chickens (magpies, AKA swoopy bois), park chickens (pigeons) and so on. Most of the names didn't stick but a few are still used and bin chicken is the most common.
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Ah, the curlew. when I lived in Jacksonville three ibis' tried to steal my Corolla by land air and sea.
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I'm pretty sure the meme is just extending the already in use bin-chicken theme to other birds
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W/r/t the sacredness of ibises in ancient Egypt, I am absolutely convinced that a species fixated on humans, that creates spaces in highly public places only it will inhabit, driving all other life away, and that smells like death, has something otherworldly going on
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And sacred ibis are extirpated from Egypt. Yes I also needed to look that up. A local extinction due to change of ecology. They seem to be doing well internationally though. They came down south to South Africa some time back. Remember first seeing them in the 90s in Durban. Some hate them, some love them. But they're don't OK. Along with the rose-ringed parakeets, to the detriment of other species.
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For my Linux brethren, please accept this important invocation
sudo sh -c 'echo "#!/bin/sh\\nsensible-browser https://duckduckgo.com?t=ffab\&q=bin+chicken\&iax=images\&ia=images" > /bin/chicken && chmod a+x /bin/chicken'

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The National Aviary in Pittsburgh has this great wetland room where you can see I believe four different kinds of ibises. Unlike most bird exhibits I’ve been to, in this one you are enclosed with the birds, and some of them will get quite close. I don’t recall any of these ibises being quite as insouciant as the bin chicken, though.
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The word has an uncommon plural form, "ibides" (from the Latin, I believe.)
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The word has an uncommon plural form, "ibides" (from the Latin, I believe.)

I wanted to look this up to find the original source, but everything I found was just referring to the previous one.
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Didn't know about these birds until very recently, when I encountered them in person in the Sydney Botanic Gardens. Didn't seem to be any kind of problem if you had no food. They were extremely blase about closing distance with people, and are kind of unnerving to the uninitiated, as they have bright white plumage and burnt-looking, leathery skin all over the head and neck. That part reminded me of the Skeksis from Dark Crystal.
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I spent time on and off in Sydney from 1999 to 2019, and I never had a bin chicken even make an attempt at my food. I don't know if I was lucky or if that is new behavior.
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Agreed, I've been here for a few months and have never seen them bother an actual person.

Seagulls though, I have seen them steal food out of someone's hands multiple times already. (I saw one take a guy's whole sandwich as he was running across the street)
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