Altman now with Canva
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Protect your mind against impairment caused by corporate capitalist AI There have been rumours floating around on Sam Altman's affiliation now being with Canva. After splitting up with OpenAI, people weren't in the clear as to who Altman was with. Canva, now being a multiple thousand employee bigtech and still hiring, are extremely big on AI, and Altman has been getting more chummy with Cameron etc. lately. Also check out this document on how to protect a mind against impairment caused by exposure to corporate capitalist AI. Degrowth and GreenAI is the way.
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What on earth.
posted by goatdog at 5:21 PM on February 11

woop woop it's the sound of the ban alignment hammer!
posted by lalochezia at 5:22 PM on February 11 [1 favorite]

[ Ghostbusters Ondes Martenot theme ]
posted by seanmpuckett at 5:28 PM on February 11

Who the dang what now?
posted by Faint of Butt at 5:29 PM on February 11

It feels like that document was written by AI.
posted by CynicalKnight at 5:30 PM on February 11

lol that chatgpt can post better than op
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