Barney the Tv Border Collie watches Jurassic Park 'n Stuff
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On YouTube, Barney the Tv Border Collie wants to save Bella from the werewolves in Twilight.*
*My God, what is this doing to Barney's brain!?

See also, Barney the Tv Border Collie watches Dances with Wolves
same * as above
And don't get me started on skateboarding Frenchies in China
Seriously, what hath Dog Named Stella Wrought!?
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See also Barney the Tv Border Collie on Tik Tok where he is King.
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And I suppose I should added a CW for extreme excessive cuteness...
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Barney is adorable! I like the consistent use of the stuffie as…I don’t know what. Surrogate enemy he shakes the bejeezus out of? Comfort object? Not sure. The first two were cute but wow, he really seems to get worked up at Jurassic Park!

Our own dog doesn’t care much for TV though he does seem to like end credits and will sometimes watch those (we think it’s the scrolling motion). However, a friend’s dog that we sometimes look after is VERY good at seeing animals on TV and the first time we were watching a movie with her in the room there were horses on screen. She went ballistic! Startled the crap out of us. Now if she’s staying with us and we’re watching a movie with animals in it, we cover her eyes.
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Rotate your phone
Rotate your phone
Rotate your phone

Was this said a million times in the Youtube comments? I hope so. Maybe if it is said a million more times they'll realize that the phone needs to be rotated.

I'd be interested in watching more than 20 seconds of this if it didn't keep swinging back and forth between the dog and the screen. They'd both fit in the view if you ROTATE YOUR PHONE.

Cute dog, though.
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Stephen K might seem a little light in the loafers when it comes to production values when it comes to his live streams by yakking too much and too loud but I can't fault him for the vertical pans that swoop from screen to dog. He's living with the Dog that Shakes the Golden Plushy as it is -- why fix what ain't broke?
As for the yakking, we come to find that Barney knows what's coming in these movies by heart and yet is so endlessly focused -- it's like he's on a carnival ride he never gets tired of. He's at least as smart as a precocious toddler to my mind.
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After posting this, now I come to find that all dogs watch Jurassic Park. Well, some of them at least... Man, if only we had hi-def swimming pool size flat screens back in the 50s -- dogs would probably be talking by now
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So it turns out my cat loves Star Trek? My partner and I watch it projected on the ceiling and it's the only thing we've actually noticed him go out of his way to sit and watch with us. Sometimes we catch him scanning the ceiling during the day, just in case there's a Star Trek going on up there.
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I bet the reason there's a coffee table in front of the screen is to keep Barney from jumping right up against it.

What a lovely dog. I'd love to know what he's thinking
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My dog likes a nature show. I don't know how much she can perceive with dog physiology or understand, but it's pretty great to see her rapt at the sight of, say, penguins braving the sea and fleeing seals.

Also, sometimes she takes a notion to despise whoever's on the screen and starts borking. It's usually a man doing something completely inoffensive, even just talking to the camera. Maybe she realizes she's looking at a stranger! But it means I gotta turn off the TV for a minute until she forgets.
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Was this said a million times in the Youtube comments? I hope so. Maybe if it is said a million more times they'll realize that the phone needs to be rotated.

I was the king of this particular pedantry back in the day, including here on MeFi. I got lots of likes for telling these kids to rotate their phones and use "hopefully" right and get off my lawn and such.

But these videos are shot for TikTok, not for you. "Rotate your phone" is objectively bad advice when shooting video that is going to be consumed entirely on (unrotated) phones. It's time to move on to, I don't know, "ten items or fewer" or something.
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My dogs pay no attention to the TV. Was dogsitting my neighbor's dog a year or so ago, and he loved watching TV. And freaking the fuck out when another dog would show up on screen. Never seen anything like it. They are good bois
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We used to have a cat (RIP, Lenore) that would just be absolutely riveted to the screen at the opening scenes of The Thing with the husky running through the snow. She also, for some inexplicable reason, loved samurai movies, and would sit there watching them for minutes on end.

Our current cats don't really care much for TV, but if there's any kind of animal in a video game I'm playing, especially if it's one I'm controlling, our youngest cat will sit there fascinated. It's adorable.
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What a lovely dog. I'd love to know what he's thinking.

You and me both. And to expand on my point about huge high definition flat screens -- back when I was first tying onions to my belt, all we had available were low definition black and white CRT TVs about 4 laptop screens in area at most. Dogs and cats did not watch TV as they do now. But Barney -- he is focused both mentally and emotionally and to my eyes, thinking hard. I can't help but think that this has made a very smart dog even smarter .
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Which was effected by Stephen K which speaks to his character and credit. This is the best and most interesting animal vlog I have seen of late. And the topic of dogs and cats watching high definiton TV deserves serious study if it isn't getting it slready.
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