September 24, 2002
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In light of an earlier thread about the U.K.'s latest report on Iraq's ability to obtain the materials need to make a nuclear weapon, one has to ask where could fellow "Axis of Evil" countries like Iran be getting the material to make nuclear weapons as well. Simple. They're getting them from the U.K. Oops.
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So, what's the deal, folks? I mean, we don't let Saddam have aluminum, for Christ's sakes. We're giving his next-door neighbor a prime atomic weapon component. Please feel free to justify your belief that I'm just paranoid, and that Iran really has alternative uses for Beryllium, a metal that serves virtually no other significant purpose than for use in nuclear and other military weapons, and that this is absolutely no way whatsoever the most ludicrous double-standard on behalf of the United Kingdom in recent memory. I'd really, REALLY like to feel better about this.
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let the circle be unbroken, my friend!
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This is mainly a radio programme announcement, though the information is pretty damn interesting. I think audio of the show will be available here, if I'm reading the page correctly.
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In this recent article we have been discussing why a newly democratic Iraq would need to build Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) when it would have the US and its allies to protect it from any attack.

This new information really brings back the question. Would we respect the decision of a democratic Iraq to build WMD when we have ourselves helped its enemy (Iran) in doing the same ?
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C'mon, we're past masters at this kind of thing in the UK

Did someone say Iran-Contra?

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Here's an article from the UK Independent on the same subject.
btw, I'm sure beryllium is not *only* used in nukes. I have a buggered hard disk under my desk that says "caution - beryllium oxide" on it.
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