What it was like to visit a Medieval Tavern?
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Smiting! Odin's Skull Mead! And...uuhhh...kids (not that kind) Let's let Tasting History with Max Miller teach us what bellying up at a medieval tavern was really like. Unfortunately, it probably wasn't like this, which makes me sad.
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Or like this, which makes me sadder
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What odd serendipity. I've been recently down the medieval rabbit-hole of YouTube vids and now this pops up.

If people waxing scholarly on medieval life is your jam, you'll also likely get a kick out of Dr Eleanor Janega as well. Her stuff shows up a lot on the History Hits channel on YouTube, but she also has other projects, and works as a guest teacher at the London School of Economics Department of International History. Her videos are always lots of fun.
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I'm sad that none of the above clips are to this.
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I love Max Miller. Every episode is a culinary and historical treat, and I bought his cookbook as a Hanukkah present for my mother. And the fact that, in this episode, he mentions an upcoming trip to England and name-drops J. Draper makes me suspect that a collaboration might be in the offing, which would please me to no end.
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Or like this, sigh.
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I want a smiting knife.
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I'll be playing music at a medieval inn this weekend. Playing my bard at a LARP, in the 'Roasted Dragon Inn'. But if they have boukenade, I'm sticking to the cheese and bread.
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