Stereophonic on Broadway, it's an interesting story
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Making Real Music for a Fake Band [43m] is from Slate's Decoder Ring podcast that digs pretty deep into a particular Broadway play that is the current Hot Ticket In Town [Playbill, Stereophonic]. It also digs into making real things for fake things. The episode looks at a multitude of excellent fake things you already know, and then the playwright David Adjmi and Will Butler formerly of Arcade Fire get into the show itself... A fictional Fleetwood Mac-esque band in the studio struggling to record an album of songs like this [1m45s] in the mid-Seventies. Here's a "retrospective trailer" looking back at its developmental run at Playwrights Horizons. [43s]

The cast includes, fresh from Succession, Julia Canfield, who is here interviewed for 25 minutes by the boys from Keep It about her experience learning to be a rock musician for this show and other things.

I am VERY interested in this show but there's not much there yet!
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David Adjmi is very much a genius, so I'm glad he's getting something onto Broadway. I'd see it on his reputation alone. I haven't dug into all the material here yet, but if you're not familiar with his work, I'd check out Marie Antoinette, The Evildoers or his amazing deconstruction(?) of Three's Company, 3C -- which got tangled up in copyright nonsense for three years after its debut.
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If you want the MP3 version: here
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Big Fleetwood Mac fan here: I saw it a few weeks ago. I can't speak to the rest of your post about real/fake things, but the music had the right feel.

As the costumes: I didn't spot anything that I thought was off from back in the day. And there were lots of costume changes. At one point, the Christie McVie character wore a skirt that looked like my favorite skirt from my teenage years - mid-calf, lightweight, red/brown/black print. Ironically, I used to call it my Stevie Nicks skirt.
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Ok, the 'Will Butler formerly of Arcade Fire' had me scratching my head, so I just went over to wikipedia and see they were at Something in the Water last year and I literally could have walked to see them and now they're broke up?

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Oh, wait, it's Will, not Win, whew.
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