Ever wondered what Isaac Asimov would sound like beatboxing?
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Or Nixon? Shirley Chisholm? Thanks to Brian Foo, the data driven dj, wonder no longer!

Brian Foo is a an artist and computer scientist that works in the field of data sonification, which sits at the intersection of art and science.

Some other projects from artists aside from Foo (but do explore Foo's other work, it's fantastic) are:

Many more sonification projects are indexed over at Sonification.Design or, for the brave, this spreadsheet curated by composer/researcher Samuel Van Ransbeeck

You may also enjoy this video from David Hilowitz in which he turns earthquake seismographs into an virtual instrument as he show the process of how he gathered the data and sonified it.
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I love NASA's work on sonifying data collected by experiments looking at our galaxy's black hole and around the universe.
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oh, i just saw today an article on steve parker, who's arranged a bunch of musical instruments hooked up to an eeg for a single-member audience

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NASA's sonification program is more accurately Chandra's Sonification Program, an important distinction given that NASA is planning to kill Chandra.
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Am epileptic - my seizures are not at all as lovely as that track.
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Nobody has my permission to do this with my voice either now or after I've died.
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