'The guy who tried to kill my dad.'
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'The guy who tried to kill my dad.' Setting aside partisan bickering, this description of Saddam Hussein by George W. Bush today sent my mind reeling. Is this in reference to something published in the past that is just escaping my mind? The Reuters version of the story adds that it is reference to "an Iraqi plot to kill former President George Bush after the 1991 Gulf War." Anyone have a link to that older story?
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Next up on Family Feud, the Husseins vs. the Bushes!

Survey says: tacky.
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Show me "oil war!"
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Gulf War II:
This time, it's personal.
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All jokes (albeit good ones) aside, isn't this a travesty? I mean, it's not the US fighting Iraq, it's Bush & Friends vs. Saddam and "Evil Henchmen." Essentially our two respective governments, both corrupt and largely dominated by industrial interests, have been and continue to fight wars that simply do not help the majority of our citizens in any way, shape, or form, and indeed probably hurt us.

Well... ouch!
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I remember this...sort of.

Clinton ordered the launch of a couple of missiles or plane sorties into Iraq. The reasoning behind it was that the CIA had discovered a plot (linked to Iraq) to assassinate George Bush (President at the time? I'm not sure) when he was visiting Europe for some sort of summit.

Yah, it's a flakey memory, but I definitely do remember the news report. I also wondered how the Republican talk radio hosts would handle it...
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LL Cool W's new hit Papa Says Knock You Out!
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Didn't we already do payback on that one? Or does Dubya get to do it again, just for family reasons? I wish there were some way for the average citizen to read the Constitution to verify all this stuff, but whatever.
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Reminds me of this Tom the Dancing Bug.
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Here's the 1993 Washington Post story about the Iraqi plot against former president Bush and the US response.
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Gahd. Bush and Saddam need to take it to the Celebrity Boxing ring...
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October 30, 1993, Saturday, Home Edition, Los Angeles Times.

The Independent (London) July 4, 1993, Sunday
HEADLINE: Did Iraq really plot to kill Bush?; Patrick Cockburn in Washington on how a lowly male nurse brought missiles raining down on Baghdad

The Houston Chronicle October 25, 1993, Monday, 2 STAR Edition
Death plot on Bush questioned;
No evidence directly linked Iraq's leader, article claims
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When I grow up, I'm gonna be President so I can get the guy that used to beat up my dad and take his milk money.

I guess the question "Could George W make any more of an ass of himself?" has been answered.
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If he would only step up to the podium and say it like it is.

America, I am going to attack Iraq, bleed them dry of oil, and get gasoline back down to 50 cents a gallon.


It would at least be honest. This whole "He was WMD" is pure hypocrisy. Lots of countries have WMD, and we aren't attacking them. "But he will use them" Hmm, Iraq would then be part of a club of countries that has used them, led of course by the US, who kicked it all off. "But he is evil and bad and doesn't care about anyone." Yeah, ok, sure, whatever.

You know when Iraq has, or is about to have nukes, you can tell when they are close, Israel attacks them. So class, when Israel attacks Iraq and takes out another reactor, then we can all say, by George! He was right. Until then, either declare a war for the sake of Texas oil companies, promise me gasoline at prices unseen in 30 years, or...
I am rambling. Sorry
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I'm taking a course on Middle East history. Last night the instructor, Dr. Judith Yaphe, decided to talk about the current situation. She's a former CIA employee and a consultant on Middle East policy, anyway, we were discussing various theories of why now and this is one thing that came up, I can't remember her exact words but the gist of it was that one should not underestimate the grudge W holds against Saddam. I find it interesting that he would actually announce it, though.
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This is funny: The latest Bush doctrine: out with the old, in with the old.
"Somehow all the world's evildoers have been awarded honorary Iraqi citizenship by Mr. Bush..." and "The Cowboy from Crawford taking on the Butcher of Baghdad in Smackdown 2002's main event couldn't be more retro. Like a WWF wrestler, the war promoters in the White House know that the better you work the mike before the match, the better your chances of winning over the crowd".
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[tasteless] Shrub talks about that as though it were a bad thing. [/tasteless]
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Interior- an Iraqi nucular facility; Saddam and Dubya are engaged in fierce battle.

Dubya: They told me you tried to kill my father!

Saddam: No, Dubya, I am your father.

Dubya: That's not true! That's impossible!

Saddam: Search your feelings, Dubya, you know it to be true.

Dubya: Condi, why didn't you tell me?
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The plot itself was a non-event, since it was foiled; and it was particularly overshadowed coming directly on the heels of the Battle of Mogadishu. The cruise missile strike (a kindler, gentler non-Sabbath non-working hours hit on the Iraqi intelligence service, gosh darn we're nice) would become a hallmark of Clinton's policy, so in memory it blends in with the others. So, that this isn't widely remembered is unsurprising; but it's easily found in many places, such as timelines for the year, discussions of the Gulf War, and checklists of Iraqi terrorism.

Here's a Reno-era DOJ report on the assassination plot, produced as part of the investigation into poor professional practices at the FBI labs.
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Cheney: Come. Join me on the dark side. Together we will rule the entire universe.
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Blake: "Death plot on Bush questioned;
No evidence directly linked Iraq's leader, article claims..."

I've noticed no evidence to Saddam linked to Al Quaeda or that he definitely has weapons of mass destruction, but that hasn't stopped the Republican war machine. Pesky things like actual facts? They'd rather try to drag people's heartstrings through the mud.

Both Bush & Blair have been making accusations as if they're definitive facts. They may very well be, but I'd think if they were factual, the media would be playing videotape of this alleged evidence over and over again in every news magazine show they got. I mean if Shrub's tail is gonna wag this dog, you'd think the guy would do it up right! If there IS no evidence, you make up evidence. That's Cheesy Political Science 101 lesson #1! Sheesh! I can't believe people voted for this guy!

This is nothing new. And people wonder why the american voting public is so jaded? We see this all the time and can do nothing about it.
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Thanks for the factual links amid the jokes ... my searches for "Bush Saddam 1991" were ... um ... noise-filled to say the least. Brought up some interesting reading material, but no direct hit to the family grudge.
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Video Tapes ZachsMind???? This is US and British intelligence that has gathered this evidence. Not sure the last time you were at the CIA or maybe the Pentagon, but they're a little secretive about that kind of stuff.

Think about it??? Why do you think the US Gov't would release how/why/where they got this intelligence from? Do you want to give Hussein anymore help? We already gave Osama help back in 1993 when we blew the lid off our intelligence with that joke of a trial to prosecute the guys that bombed the WTC. Good ole boy Clinton goes and has a nice little trial. And of course in the trial we have to give up everything to testify against these people. Amazing, that Bill. We didn't need to keep anything secret.

Video tapes, I get a kick out of that, thanks for making my day!!!

Must say Ty Webb, that was pretty funny. :)
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First time I realized there was more to the story was when President Clinton said it on the David Letterman show, 9/11/02. I wish I had that transcript. As Clinton called introduced Hussein, a Thug. And then elaborated that we, the U.S. citizens, don't realize what the truth is with Hussein and the Middle East. Funny he said nothing new for me that I had not heard that was both fact or fiction. He also felt the need to fill the American people in, which to be honest I felt he was backing The Bush Family as he talked highly of both father and son. He went on with comment after comment, which were mostly in support of Bush. (???) Yes, it puzzled me. Also, why am I now finding one side sticking up for the other side. Maybe all news is the same just missing the true facts, as everyone is trying to spin their own opinion into it. Me too, I guess as it's human nature and I wonder if the home and cooking channels are getting higher ratings because of this.

During war if were going after Hussein then a no brainier, he would be going after Bush Sr, and I expect Bush Jr now. So did something happen that if divulged would reflect a negative image back on the security of the U.S., pre 9/11(sicemergency)? Being that it would burst the bubble of the U.S.A.'s image of a strong secure nation.

But if you open a can a worms and scream, oooo! Either share them or stick them back in your pocket and keep it to yourself. As a complainer weather your right or wrong it will cast a bad image of yourself by ranting on about unknown facts for us. Thus the squeaky wheel that goes ignored.
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I was being facetious about the videotapes, but if you honestly expect me to take anything seriously in the political arena, show me the evidence. Otherwise, you're waggin' the dog. I hate bein' wagged.

If there is actual factual evidence, I don't buy the interests of national security crap. The only clear and present danger presently clear to me is how the republicans are actively sacrificing our freedoms on the vague promise of security. The only reason I'd accept silence of the evidence is if Shrub's afraid Hollywood would turn his father's heroic tale against Saddam Hussein and his brush with death into a cheesy TV movie on FOX.

If Shrub wants Americans on his side, tell us the truth.
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"Will the circle be unbroken, by and by?" (And there's a new one, fresh today.)
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If Shrub wants Americans on his side, tell us the truth.

CIA, Cee I aint lying..........what do I mean. .
Well take away sensitive security matters. The facts that the CIA does not tell us, is this not lying as they are holding back knowledge as a secrets for themselves.
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a3matrix: Iraq would then be part of a club of countries that has used them, led of course by the US, who kicked it all off

Just a minor nit pick, but i'm guessing that you are referring to the United State's use of atomic weapons in WWII, i believe that the use of mustard gas in WWI would be an example of the use of WMDs prior to this bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If you were talking about something else then i apologize for misunderstanding.

Now back to your regularly scheduled thread.
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Fool me once, shame on... [long pause] shame on you. Fool me fubululakbula you're not gonna fool me again!
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Type "Bush assassination 1993" into Google, and you'll find it. It was during the Clinton administration.

"We're gonna kill your da'."
-- 'In the Name of the Father'
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For those wondering what The God Complex is talking about, check out the quote at the end of this article. The Daily Show milked it for all it was worth. (In the clip, Bush looks really angry that he can't remember the saying.)
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"I knew Billy Clinton became one of the boys, when he bombed Iraq.... He launched twenty-two missiles against Baghdad in retaliation for the alleged assassination attempt on George Bush, which failed. We killed six innocent people launching twenty-two three million-dollar-apiece missiles - um, I think that's overdoing it, if you ask me. I think we should have just embarrassed the Iraqis, and here's how we could have done it: We should have assassinated Bush. Then there would have been no loss of innocent life."

--Bill Hicks, 1993
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Actually, it was refreshing to read that Bush the Younger has come out and said this. It doesn't make me agree with the invasion, but some honesty is refreshing. I imagine that there are some people who admire the idea of a person seeking revenge on somebody who wronged their father. Heck, much of Greek tragedy is based on that very concept. Of course, the Greek's eventually concluded that the rule of law was a more civilized way of dealing with revenge...
On the other hand, I also have something else to say about this (self link - clicker beware).
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The sins of the father will be visited on his children and his children's children.
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"Howdee! Mah name is Shrubby McDipshit. Ya'll tried ta kill mah pappy. Prepare ta dah."
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"I hate you guys"
- Eric Cartman
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Type "Bush assassination 1993" into Google forwarded to ashcroft@usdoj.gov
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