Soundgarden's Reunion Tour 2012
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I don't know why YouTube is serving me all these concerts right now, but I'm not complaining. Here's Soundgarden - Hyde Park - Hard Rock Calling 7-13-2012 - Pro Shot (HQ) Full Show [1h54m], arguably the band at the height of their career after taking a break and reforming. This concert is shortly before the release of their final album King Animal.


01 Searching With My Good Eye Closed
02 Spoonman
03 Gun
04 Jesus Christ Pose
05 Black Hole Sun
06 Outshined
07 Hunted Down
08 Drawing Flies
09 Blow Up the Outside World
10 Fell on Black Days
11 Ugly Truth
12 My Wave
13 The Day I Tried to Live
14 Beyond the Wheel
15 Let Me Drown
16 Pretty Noose
17 Superunknown
18 4th of July
19 Rusty Cage
20 Slaves & Bulldozers/(In My Time of Dying)
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Wow, the tags on this one got fucked up!

That isn't what I meant to input, and I'm not sure how that even got into that slot. But hey! Tags, amirite?
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From the relevant McSweeney's Article:

Soundgarden: You wear an apron that says SUN’S OUT, BUNS OUT when you barbecue.
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It is okay to let people enjoy music without mocking them. I know it's difficult for many here, but it is fine. That comment could have happened in place 20 instead of 2. Might have made the discussion friendlier. I dunno? I only post a lot and see how things play out.
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Great show and recording! I'm tingling...
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I saw them on this tour in Dublin. When they opened with “Incessant Mace” I knew I was gonna be in for a real celebration of their catalogue.

On the way out afterwards, in the stairwell I overheard someone else complaining that they didn’t play “Black Hole Sun”. My dude, if that was the only song you were there to hear…
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Superunknown was such a good album. Just end to end excellent in the way that so few albums ever are.

If you haven't heard the Steve Fisk remix of Spoonman you should give it a listen, arguably the only flaw in that album was that they didn't bring Artie up to the front of the original mix.

I still wish we could have heard what Cornell was saying and found him the help he needed. Thanks for this, Hippybear.
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Superunknown came out when my brother was in eighth grade. Hearing it in full fidelity and not cranking through a wall is weird, I tell you what.

For a while, when public figures who meant a lot to me died, I was making small donations to organizations that they supported. I couldn’t find a reliable website for the nonprofit Chris and his wife started, but I knew childhood development was important to them so I made a donation to Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Puget Sound and received updates from the big/little who benefited from my donation. The kid was the first in his family to go to college! If you enjoyed this show and you have the means, making a donation to a kids nonprofit in Seattle might be a good way to pay it forward.
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I love Soundgarden, and I am entirely on board with some good natured ribbing. There is something vaguely ridiculous in rocking out to something like "Let Me Drown" and then turning in early because you have gardening to do tomorrow. I say embrace it.
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Yeah, and if you can just look a bit beyond the wheel, it’s all good ultramega ok.
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I feel like that setlist needs 'Little Joe' and 'Big Dumb Sex.'

This is probably not a widespread opinion.
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This is an extraordinary show.
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Like, I saw Soundgarden on this tour but I'm not a gigantic fan. And I have to say this is an extraordinary show. And it is SO well recorded! The sound mastering on this is amazing!
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