Happy Mother's Day from Mr T (slyt)
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Be Somebody... or Be Somebody's Fool! is a 1984 motivational video hosted by American actor Mr. T
The whole video (51 min.)

Seanbaby’s adoring review of the video
posted by The Pluto Gangsta at 9:39 AM on May 12 [3 favorites]

I remember a handful of years ago when Mr. T got inducted into the “Celebrity Wing” of the WWE Hall Of Fame, and after the presenter spent time talking up all his work, T took the stage and talked exclusively about his mother.

Nothing about headlining Wrestlemania, nothing about his work on television or his memories of being a celebrity, the man used his entire time on stage to tell a stadium full of wrestlers and wrestling fans how much he loved his mother who raised him and his 11 siblings as a single mom in Chicago.

He actually ran over time, and after a quick backstage discussion, producers had to play Kane’s music and send him out there to walk Mr. T off stage. So when Mr. T tells you to respect moms, believe that he means it.
posted by The Pluto Gangsta at 10:01 AM on May 12 [15 favorites]

I pity the fool who doesn’t realize how wholesome Mr T is. And macho man Randy savage.
posted by St. Peepsburg at 11:11 AM on May 12 [6 favorites]

Does Mr T actually pull that microphone out of his butt? Because I would be totally OK with that.
posted by chavenet at 1:25 PM on May 12 [2 favorites]

Mr. T is one day older than me, so I always give him a pass, even for Snickers commercials.
But this one doesn't need a pass.
posted by MtDewd at 3:19 PM on May 12

I’m totally stealing the ‘so skinny your eyes are in single file’ line. My goodness.
posted by omegajuice at 5:47 PM on May 12

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