If you need it, give me a hug or stop for a chat
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(CW for talk of suicide) A short film (on X) made by Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. The club's Head 4 Health initiative.
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"would you like a chip or a hug?" . . . "both?!"
the world is a little less dark in the West Midlands; even for Luton fans
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Here's something similar from Norwich City. Warning, devastating! So good to see football clubs talking about this. Thanks for posting, Martha.
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I was really moved by the Wolves film (and the Norwich one, too). It was such a simple idea and so impactful. It's also so good to see people opening up about mental health issues more nowadays, and especially in the highly-charged and traditionally masculine and working class world of football fans.

It isn't my usual area of interest but I've been going through it a bit myself this week and this little film just made me glad we can talk about mental health issues more openly. I thought it might perhaps help someone else seeing it on here too.
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Oh my goodness. Thank you for this. It is…reassuring? Affirming? Deeply moving.
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