The Last Pre-Raphaelite
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Edward Burne-Jones was the last Pre-Raphaelite. Frank Cadogan Cowper was the last Pre-Raphaelite. Christiana Herringham was so late in the game, she was more of a Pre-Raphaelite Renaissance painter.

None of them, of course, were anything near as late as the television portrayals of the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood, such as Desperate Romantics, Dante's Inferno, or The Love School.
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A-and separating the last Pre-Raphaelites from from the Post-Raphaelites, I give you Raphael.
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Esthetic. They are aesthetic
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I confess my favorite Burne-Jones work is this doofy sketch of a wombat romping in Egypt.
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The thought of there being a last Pre-Raphaelite warms my heart.
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A little lower on that page, there’s a picture of Burne-Jones with an expression that cries out “Good Lord! A wombat! In this desert!”
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I love the Pre-Raphaelites. Give me a Waterhouse or a Leighton or an Alma-Tadema and I am happy.

Basically anything with women in sumptuous flowing outfits looking bored or sad. That's my jam.
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